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Corporate Eagle by Madhukant Acharya is an ultimate example of what it takes to reach the top




Corporate Eagle by Madhukant Acharya is perfect for those who want to achieve BIG Goals in life. This book is an ultimate example of how challenging the Corporate World is and what it takes to reach the top and continue to thrive.

If you loved Friends and Five Seasons by Author Madhukant Acharya, you’re in for a treat. Corporate Eagle is just another level.

In this smashing fiction book, you will be transported into the world of a visionary who believes in reaching targets and building new markets.

One of the key takeaways of Corporate Eagle is - all of us want to reach our goals but what separates good from great is vision.

Madhukant Acharya himself has worked with eminent multinational companies and rose from a management trainee to the company's board position in a short span of twenty years and was awarded "Marketing Man of the Year" by the President of India.

Author Madhukant Acharya receiving Marketing Man of the Year Trophy from President of India.

He was able to bring a lot of great authentic detail to this book about a young man battling out odds in the corporate world just like him.

This book is just as insightful as it is a page-turner. Read it for a look into an intense, obsessive corporate world that shows how power dynamics in business can be taken advantage of.

Overall, Corporate Eagle by Madhukant Acharya is a must-read for Young Adults who are new to the Corporate World. This book will give you an outlook of what you're stepping into.




Mohan Dutt never shied away from competition and climbed the corporate ladder from a Management Trainee to the Chairman's position in a short span of 2 decades and built up a conglomerate with a scorching pace of growth unknown to the industry at the time.

He always believed that performance took precedence over adverse circumstances, principles mattered more than personalities and corruption was a choice and not a compulsion for succeeding in business.

He understood perfectly well that he could achieve his goals only if he delegated well. Cindy Brown, his close confidante, collaborated on all his global plans with numerous differences and arguments as well as agreements between them but achieved the seemingly impossible.

They were attracted to each other but that path would shatter the success they had built up together. So they were faced with a dilemma. Would they take the plunge?

Kumud, a renowned psychologist could not be taken for granted and balanced out her high achiever husband who would turn to her for advice when they stood at crossroads that could change the direction of their lives.

Did they confront or collaborate? Could Mohan, Kumud, and Cindy keep in check their strong personalities and remain an unbeatable team or move away?

A soaring eagle could suddenly change course and alter the mind game of the stakeholders. Would the lead players discard everything for an unknown future?

Corporate Eagle takes you through a thrilling life experience with unanticipated outcomes.




Madhukant Acharya was educated in some of the best schools and colleges in India and was adjudged the best student in his class.

Soon after he joined the corporate world, working with eminent multinational companies, and rose from a management trainee to the company’s board position in a short span of twenty years and was awarded "Marketing Man of the Year" by the President of India.

Madhukant Acharya: PM addressing corporate awardees on the lawns of her official residence. I am seated 2nd from left. What struck me in the PM's face was her nose. It was absolutely the King's command.

He has widely traveled in India and abroad and continues to be an avid reader. The author leads an active social life with friends and family and is a popular member of premier clubs.

His interests involve being a fitness enthusiast and doing social and charitable work in rural areas. Many of his friends call him ‘people happy’.

Settled in Mumbai for nearly forty years with his wife Kalpana, his children pursue careers in the US and Mumbai being doctors, engineers, and MBAs.

The idea of writing a novel motivated him some years ago after professional retirement when he rescheduled his priorities and lifestyle to devote the required time to create his debut novel Friends and five seasons in two volumes — Rupen's Early Years and Publishing hero Rupen.

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