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About Us

The Salis Mania Choice Awards is a prestigious annual celebration of literary excellence, dedicated to recognizing and honoring the best in literature. Since its inception, the awards have become a hallmark of quality and achievement within the literary community, showcasing outstanding works across various genres and categories.


Our mission is to inspire and support authors, both established and emerging, by providing a platform that highlights their exceptional contributions to the world of literature. We aim to foster a vibrant literary culture that encourages creativity, diversity, and the free exchange of ideas.


Each year, the Salis Mania Choice Awards invites readers, critics, and industry professionals to participate in the nomination and voting process, ensuring that the winners reflect the true voice of the literary community. Through a rigorous and transparent selection process, we celebrate books that have made a significant impact on readers and have pushed the boundaries of storytelling.


Join us in celebrating the power of words and the joy of reading as we honor the outstanding literary achievements of the year.

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