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Estrenar by Sucharita Parija makes you realise that you're not alone




I have read so many poetry books in my life, but this one just blew my mind. BOOM! Reading Estrenar by Sucharita Parija was like watching my life so far narrated poetically.

Defeats I experienced, moments of excitement, and my relationship with anxiety, this book is a melange of emotions. Human emotions that you and I feel.

When I read the poems, it was more feeling than reading. My body was reacting to each word coming out of my mouth. Goosebumps, sweat, racing heart, it's more than a poetry book.

It makes you realize that you're not alone. It reminds you that there are other humans out there who feel like you do.

Unlike other poetry books, where the poet writes pages narrating an imaginative world, this book makes you re-live reality and gives you hope.

Reading Estrenar by Sucharita Parija is like meditation. It brings you back to the present and keeps you hooked. Each poem is transferred straight from the author's heart to yours within a few lines. It's like snow in the desert.

Completely unexpected but true. Everything written in this book is true, just like life.

Overall, Estrenar by Sucharita Parija should be on your reading list — if it isn't already.




Sucharita graduated in Architecture. She quit her first job to complete Masters in Computer Applications (MCA) from IGNOU and emerged with flying colors.

She is a gold medalist in post-graduation studies and is the recipient of the prestigious Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA) award as well.

She taught in several Educational Institutes before she ventured into a new field. She was passionate about writing since her school days.

She has contributed poems and articles in English, Odia, and Sanskrit to numerous magazines.

She created her website: during pandemic days. She continues with her mission of writing about everyday problems through her poems, quotes, and stories.

The themes of her literary works are drawn from her life experiences. She identifies her compositions to fall in the abstract genre.




Debut book of the author is named "Estrenar: Beginning of a New Journey." Estrenar is a Spanish word that translates into "The First Time." What a fantastic way to introduce my first book to the world!

This book is a collection of poems. The poems are grouped into two segments. The first revolves around life-the various events in everyone's life, the inner turmoil, the motivation after bouts of depression, and other well-known dilemmas in daily life.

The second mixture is a potpourri of ideas-a woman's satirical outburst about flatbreads not being round shaped in today's time or the weight gain difficulties experienced by a middle-aged woman.


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