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The Best Authors You Should Be Reading Right Now

Discover the literary brilliance of today's top authors. Dive into a curated selection of writers who are making waves in the literary world. Explore these talented authors and find your next great read today!

Kavea R Chavali

One of the most prolific voices and faces of the LIVE EVENTS industry, Kavea R Chavali is a renowned Anchor and presenter having hosted more than 1400 shows across 16 countries.

From hosting shows for the giants such as INFOSYS, AMAZON, MICROSOFT, L&T, GOOGLE,IBM to moderating discussions with leaders such as Shri Narayana Murthy, Shri Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, Jonty Rhodes, Mahesh Bhupati, she has been the most preferred Anchor across technical conferences, digital and startups as well entertaining evenings for FILMFARE and prestigious red carpet events.

An Electrical engineer from the prestigious NIT WARANGAL, Kavea is also the cofounder of the handloom brand KALANECA where she works with more than 68 weavers across 140 looms by weaving sux yards of legacy.

MIC CHECK 1, 2, 3...

Book by Kavea R Chavali

Ever wondered how to get paid to speak on stage? Award-winning anchor and emcee Kavea R. Chavali, in her debut book, lays down the blueprint with her anecdotal style of writing to answer that question.

The writing style is conversational and filled with stories and examples not just from Kavea’s life on and off the stage but also featuring thoughts from 10 guest speakers who have shined in their respective industries.

This first-of-its-kind book from the LIVE EVENTS industry is already an Amazon bestseller.

A. Victor Adharsh

A. Victor Adharsh, aged 20, is a final-year medical student at ANIIMS, Port Blair, and the author of two self-published novels: "Mysterious Mist" (2015) and "At Divine Mercy" (2017).

He grew up in Kasaragod, Kerala, a charming, quaint town in coastal Malabar. Victor had early exposure to reading and creative expression.

Twice accredited for his scientific innovations at the national level and a Carnatic music vocalist, he is attentive to culture and natural history. Additionally, he is deeply interested in psychiatry and takes theology seriously.

He is proficient in multiple languages and passionate about movies. He enjoys growing water lilies on his terrace with his mother and is enthusiastic about medical research and ecology.

A flâneur, he can often be found typing his thoughts into his EliteBook, sipping a cup of steaming Suleimani chaya when he is done interacting with diverse human minds for the day.

Mango Showers

Book by A. Victor Adharsh

"Mango Showers" is a psychological thriller written by A. Victor Adharsh, IV MBBS, and published by Book Street Publications in 2023. The novel is chilling, cerebral, and suspenseful.

Anna, having recently lost her widowed mother, comes in search of her estranged brother in a quaint hamlet in coastal Malabar, hoping to start life afresh.

Things get out of hand when she begins to encounter a fearsome entity that will stop at nothing to get her.

Incredulous, her brother seeks the help of Dr. Yasser, a prominent psychiatrist. Elsewhere, a leading businessman goes missing from his lonely estate bungalow under mysterious circumstances.

His aged lawyer hides a secret from an unknown adversary. Dr. Yasser is troubled by some strange occurrences, which put the lives of many in grave danger. Will they last through the Mango Showers?


Gaurav is just another boring engineer and MBA, but one with a very active imagination!

His long list of works includes corporate slavery, the start-up life, beer sales, hemp farming, an attempt at generating electricity from biomass, dealing Axone on Netflix, and selling Indian mithai (because he’s a sweet guy).

Most recently, he wrote the phenomenally, fantastically, amazingly, page-turning gem of a book, “ANGRY JUNGLEE BOSSES.”

Given that the memories of all the letters and essays he was forced to write in English and Hindi grammar class at school only gave him nightmares, he was quite surprised when, over the course of ten months, he turned a random thought into a full-blown novel.

“ANGRY JUNGLEE BOSSES” is his debut novel. He has never been published before and does not belong to any associations or writers' groups. He has won no awards for writing, yet.

He confesses that although he doesn’t consider himself an absolute authority on the topic of his debut novel, the years he spent engaged in “Corporate Slavery” did, however, give him quite the necessary expertise.


Book by Gaurav

How does one tell a tale of abuse at the office?

By creating a fictitious world and writing exactly what went down at the office, as is!

ANGRY JUNGLEE BOSSES is a book for every one who desires to be, is, or has been an employee.

If the line "IS YOUR OFFICE CHEATING ON YOU?" resonates with you, ANGRY JUNGLEE BOSSES is THE book for you🤣😝😎🥳


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