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These are the best fantasy books to indulge in this weekend

Here are the 3 best fantasy books to begin your magical journey:


Legend Of The Broken Blade


🏆 Salis Mania Choice Awards 2023 Nominee

Korl, the prince of Ofnast, bears the burden of a terrible secret. He blames himself for the loss of the Chest of Doom, which brought shame to his family and shattered his confidence.

Hornol, the new tyrant of the Akhuts, has vowed to find and open the Chest to gain unparalleled power and enslave the nations of the Council of Four. Korl sets out with his brother on a dangerous quest to find the Chest of Doom before the dark armies of Akhutzai.

A quest that will force him to confront his fears, face deadly adversaries, find allies in unexpected places, and learn to harness the power of the ancient Frosnastia. A quest that will reveal that sometimes the greatest heroes are the most imperfect ones. A quest that will mark the beginning of a legend that will echo through the ages.

The Legend of the Broken Blade.


Aaditya Sengupta Dhar


Aaditya Sengupta Dhar is a busy 15 yeas old young man. He can be found working hard on his assignments, following Cricket with a passion, and practicing Karate, at which he holds a Black Belt.

He is also a voracious reader, devouring works of history, mythology, and fantasy. That heady cocktail of Tolkien, Virgil, Homer, C.S.Lewis, and William Dalrymple inspires him to create fantastic worlds of his own and to bring those tales to life through his writing.




🏆 Salis Mania Choice Awards 2023 Nominee

A vicious attack robs warrior princess Scarlett of her memories and she stumbles into the land of an evil queen named Callista. Clueless and shaken up, Scarlett manages to escape Callista but is chased by her ruthless and cunning minions.

Saved and harbored by unexpected friends, Scarlett tries to live a life of a normal teenager while danger follows her like a shadow. She struggles to recall her past in the hope of finding answers.

All she learns is that she cannot stand injustice and she has a way with weapons. The only thing she doesn’t remember is that she is powerful beyond her imagination.

Will Scarlett learn who she is and where she came from? Will she discover her forgotten strength? Will she overcome all the dangers in her path? Filled with mind-blowing action sequences and battle scenes, this book will take you to a different world where there is more than what meets the eye.


Rajendra Sarilla


Rajendra Sarilla lives in the coastal city of Visakhapatnam. He is an Engineer by education & an educator by profession. Scarlett is the product of his real passion: story-telling.

When he is not writing, he does stand-up comedy at open-mic events. He is a big Marvel Universe fan and does not miss any of their movie releases.

He can be described as an ambivert with a positive mindset. He has been honored with the CLA Global Award in The Fantasy Genre.


The Hunter Genesis


🏆 Salis Mania Choice Awards 2023 Nominee

When Nasir-ud-Din Muḥammad Shah, a weak Mughal king, discovers the whereabouts of powerful weapons used in the worst battle mankind had ever seen, he is ready to go to any lengths to acquire them.

His mighty empire is at its weakest, with threats of imminent attack from outside and enemies within India consolidating more control. With desperation, Shah hatches a plan and there is only one man who can help him – THE HUNTER.

The Hunter is a finder of rare antiquities and is highly reputed for his impeccable skills. Though he mysteriously remembers nothing of his past, he has powers that make him invincible.

But it all changes one day, when he gets forced to embark to Kanika Dwar, to retrieve weapons the power-hungry king desires.

Tackling difficult mountainous terrains, thick jungles, dangerous bandits and rough waters, The Hunter races against time to find what’s been hidden away for centuries and save a loved one from the clutches of the king.

But he knows handing over the Godly weapons can only bring destruction in epic proportions.

Will he relent under pressure? Or find a way to save the world from unthinkable damage? Find out in Book I of The Hunter Genesis, where the legends from our ancient world collide with the madness of the 18th century.


Jasveer Singh Dangi


Jasveer is an author, podcast host, behavioural trainer and award-winning health and safety professional. He is currently based in Canada & is a member of The Writers' Union of Canada.

He was part of the team of trainers that trained 22,000 volunteers for the Commonwealth Games 2010 in New Delhi.

Awards & Recognition:

1. Rated as one of the 10 Indian Authors Redefining Modern Literature by Kathmandu Tribune in Jan 2020.

2. Recognized by Ne8X with Sahitya Kosh Samman Award in Literature.

3. In 2018, he was awarded by IISSM for his contributions towards the Health and Safety Training domain.

4. In 2019, Literature Light recognized him as top 100 debut authors for his debut book Version One and a Half (Version 1 ½).

5. He was named as the 'Author of the Fest' at the Writing Wizards Fest 2020 for his book Double One Zero (110) - Out of the shadows. The Writing Wizards Fest is an initiative by The Twilight of Poem.

He loves the outdoors and is a big movie buff, which is quite evident given the use of quotes and songs from movies at strategic places in all his books.

He is an avid observer of his surroundings and uses characters and instances from everyday situations for his stories. He has published seven books and co-authored two anthologies so far.

He is actively engaged in helping budding authors through articles, seminars, and workshops. He also hosts a podcast; interviewing authors and other professionals on his website

His first book, ‘VERSION ONE AND A HALF (VERSION 1 ½)’, was published in September 2018. This is a self-help book. This book was his attempt to use childhood memories from the ‘80s for solving problems in the present.

His second book, a mix of non-fiction and fiction, ‘DIARY FROM HEAVEN’, was published in January 2019. He used stories from his own college life and initial days in the corporate world for this book.

This book was well-received because of its surreal portrayal of the effects of drug addiction on the youth.

His first fully fiction work, ‘DOUBLE ONE ZERO (110) – OUT OF THE SHADOWS’, was published on 16th January 2020. This book was a thriller about a man looking for his identity, which takes him to France.

His fourth and shortest work, ‘THE METRO-MANIAC CHRONICLES’, was published on 9th April 2020 during the lockdown in India due to Novel Coronavirus outbreak. The book describes various kinds of travellers in Delhi Metro with a touch of humour and their mirror kinds in a typical workplace.

‘SHAHENSHAH – STORY OF SHRENIK SHAH’, published in June 2020 was his first attempt at writing someone else's story. Shrenik Shah’s motivational story through his words has widely appreciated.

He co-authored two Anthologies as well: ‘CONCEALED WORDS’ & 'LIFE - LIFE IS A CULMINATION OF STORIES'.


'ENSEMBLE - A COLLECTION OF SHORT STORIES AND ESSAYS' his first attempt at creating an anthology was published in Nov 2021.

'THE ESSENCE OF GANGA - THE STORY OF MANDAKINI' is his take on spirituality while narrating the life story of eminent healthcare professional from India, Mandakini Pawar.


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