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Pakhi by Astha Shukla lovingly, painstakingly documents different shades of love




Pakhi by Astha Shukla is a poetry collection that lovingly, painstakingly documents different shades of love. It reminded me of my school days when reading poems helped me escape to an unknown world.

A stunning collection of heart-touching poems, Pakhi makes you feel, as if you are the poet, and it's your poem.

If I’m being perfectly honest, of all the Hindi Poetry books that I read in the past 5 years, this one is my favorite so far. I think one major reason why I fell in love with this poetry collection is my personal experiences with love.

In my life, I have experienced all highs and lows of love, and I can relate to each poem in this book. It's like re-living my old days when everything I did was influenced by the person I loved.

This collection also touches on and celebrates the beauty of one-sided love and how it shapes our life in the long run. I think everyone who is experiencing a one-sided love, should read this book.

It will remind you that your life should not revolve around a single person when there are billions of others available. It will be tough, and it will be heartbreaking, but that's what life is all about: taking another unknown path if the current one didn't work.

Overall, Pakhi by Astha Shukla is a poetry collection that I will keep with me for a very long time. Everyone who believes in love should read it.




One of the most notable poets of this decade Miss Astha Shuka comes up with her new book tittled Pakhi. Each poem is a Specimen of her vibrant imagination, sensational lyric, and thoughtful recognition and appreciation of beauty in everything.


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