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Lana by Tatsiana Chykhayeva takes you on a fictional rollercoaster ride of emotions



Lana by Tatsiana Chykhayeva takes you on a fictional rollercoaster ride of emotions in an attempt to find the true meaning of happiness.

Even though, it is a work of fiction, nonfiction readers will feel inspired by this thought provoking story.

The book begins with a quote:

"Nothing in life is univocal. Perception is everything. Things appear differently to different people. However, it is all about who is looking and from which angle. That defines the final image and the outcome."

and ends on another quote:

"You will be as happy as you will allow yourself to be."

When I started reading this psychological fiction book, I was expecting something out of the box which will take me away for a moment. Away from my miseries and real life challenges.

But instead, this book dig deeper into my head and made me realise that maybe my miseries and challenges are just in my head. Maybe I should be looking at a different direction.

There is a reason why there are four cardinal directions - North, East, South and West. It really comes down to perception.

I wish I read this book few years back when I attempted suicide. I was going through exact same phase as the protagonist goes through in this book.

One of the major reasons of attempting suicide is fear of failure. But, what will happen if we considered failure or wrong decisions as a new experience. This simple change in our thinking can do wonders.

This book revolves around same concept. If you took a bad decision, if you failed in something, just retry or move to something else. One thing or another will eventually work in the end.

For me, when I attempted suicide, I felt alone. The thought of attempting suicide comes instantly. You don't get time to think about it. This is where this book might come handy for you.

No matter at what mental level you are at now, reading this book might work like an EXIT door for you during an Emergency. When your brain says, You are DEAD! then you can remind yourself Lana was also in the similar position, Salis was also in the similar position, maybe I should give Failure a chance. Give yourself a chance, who knows where you might end up.

I found some of the characters quite relatable in the book and was able to connect with them on an emotional level. This connection was so strong, I will remember this story forever.

Overall, Lana by Tatsiana Chykhayeva is a MUST READ!




Lana, despite her beauty and youth, is tired of living.

She finds herself on a bridge, away from the city, from which she intends to jump and end her life. Unaware that a series of unexpected events are waiting around the corner to change her life and views on living forever.

Destiny takes Lana on an incredible journey to places she could not have previously imagined. She learns valuable lessons along the way lessons that help Lana understand herself and those around her better.

Tatsiana Chykhayeva's debut psychological fiction novel raises questions on topics people use as an excuse for their troubles. It takes courage to face the challenges life throws at us and to admit that our lives depend on no one but ourselves in the first place. Others can have influence but not absolute power over our lives.

At a time when good writing is hard to come by and everybody is out to impress, this novel goes beyond creating an impression. It helps you find beauty in ugliness and fill emptiness with love and hope.

Lana isn't just an answer to the questions I raised. It is an answer to the questions we raise in life. It aims to give invaluable insight into society, culture, family and relationships. Our dependence and influence on each other. It touches on the common human trait of hunger for power and fame, as well as immediate challenges what come with it. I feel that it would be practically useful to those seeking to understand, self-improve and simply become happy. It is not a happiness guide, but it certainly a reason to start thinking about our own responsibility in the pursuit of personal happiness.


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