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The Best Books on Indian National Cricket Team

Virat Kohli

The Indian cricket team is one of the most successful cricket teams in the world, having won 2 ICC World Cups, 1 ICC World Twenty20, 2 ICC Champion's Trophies, and finished runners-up in the inaugural edition of the ICC World Test Championship.

Cricket is a BIG part of Indian culture, and players like Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, and Rohit Sharma often attain celebrity status and are some of the most influential figures in the country.

What we see on the pitch is the execution of what goes inside the head of these elite performers. These books will take you on a rollercoaster ride of what goes behind the scenes:


Winning Like Virat: Think and Succeed like Kohli


Virat Kohli scored only 10, 12, and 19 runs in his debut domestic, ODI, and Test matches, respectively.

Today, he is hailed as one of the greatest batsmen in the world. But how did this transformation come about?

If we focus on Virat, the cricketer, and the man, we will find some extraordinary traits— his leadership skills, the ability to keep his cool under pressure, a fearless attitude, and a desire to win every game —that have shaped him as he is today.

Off the field too, his maturity in handling the media and business acumen testify to his excellent leadership and man-management skills.

There is little doubt that Virat’s success is not a matter of luck alone but of relentless hard work and a dedicated goal to succeed.

As a young professional or student, there is a lot to learn from Virat’s achievements. Winning like Virat: Think and Succeed like Kohli attempts to understand the secrets of his phenomenal success and tells the reader how best to emulate these in life.



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