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Deepak Swaminathan: Winners are not a product of LUCK! They are true representations of Hard Work


Dr. Deepak Swaminathan is a qualified and experienced entrepreneur many times over, with a demonstrated history of building, operating and transferring businesses in the field of Retail, wellness, Event management, and Animation. Deepak started his business outing in the late 90s with his flagship brand Media Point, which specializes in delivering superior event solutions. Armed with a Post Graduate degree in management and a Doctorate in management science, Deepak was quick to sense business opportunities in the fields of education and wellness, which was an off-shoot from Media Point.

With a strong knowledge on managing finances and marketing, it was a simple puzzle-solving exercise for Deepak to understand successful business models and investing in those. High on ethics, compassionate and systematic in operation are hallmarks of Deepak and he firmly believes in the "Win-Win" model approach. After having built operated, and hived off three successful ventures, Deepak has now embarked on unveiling India's pioneering digital platform for events, expos, employee engagements, and weddings. Deepak has put together a core business & technical team mentored by him, and that has developed this unique digital platform which is his next latest business venture

Deepak is skilled in Marketing, Negotiation, Business Planning, Advertising, Sales and he comes across as a seasoned professional, orator, author and a story-teller, using the medium as a metaphor in fuelling change.


Q. Tell us something about yourself.

Successful Entrepreneur / Holistic Thinker - Businessman with proven acumen in B-O-M-T model. Speaker / Author / Mentor. Have built operated and transferred 3 brands in the category of Education, Wellness, and Animation.

My favourite quotes written by me: The Right Mix makes a Wonderful drink, the right efforts make lasting success.

Facing the Impossible is Inevitable, but the courage to face it opens up new possibilities. Winners are not a product of LUCK! They are true representations of Hard work, Smart Thinking, and Passion.

Q. Please describe what your book is about. My book is all about building experiential events. Events has been archived in every civilization and has been a formidable part of the entertainment. The business that started off as an entertainment has now moved notches up in being part of the Promotion Mix. Today Events are a tried and tested medium of engaging consumers intelligently. To engage a consumer and retain the mindshare calls for extensive planning, mapping, and designing. This book captures the "CORE" of Experiential events and is a book aimed at a professional approach to this business, which even today is defined as an "Unorganized Sector"

Q. Briefly, what led up to this book? Who (or what) inspired you to write a book on this topic?

The Business of Experiential Events has a tremendous scope and the category is poised for a leap in the next 3 years. Currently estimated to be about INR 5000 cr, this industry needs young talents who can create a niche for themselves. The Industry is well paying for the smart ones and after spending 2 decades, I have found dearth of talents and when I shopped around to recruit, there were misconceptions which I have been addressing at various forums and seminars. To bring a professional perspective, I decided to work toward getting this Industry an Organized status and my book is the first step toward this.

Q. What has been your biggest achievement in life?

Having come from a humble background, my education, family values have been at the core of my outreach in building businesses. My passion for people and craft has resulted in Building over 3 Businesses which has enabled employment for 250+ talents (my biggest personal achievement). In Media Point, the most gratifying moment was when we handled the 4000th event which occurred early this year. Consistency, smart works, client retention, raising the bar has been our hallmarks.

Q. What qualities does an event manager should have to become successful?


Q. Did you have a platform in place for the book? On this topic, what are you doing to build a platform and gain readership?

At present, I am delivering lectures on Invites and am connecting through my Industry contacts. is my first attempt to popularise the book.

Q. Who will benefit by reading your book?

Brand managers / Aspiring Entrepreneurs / MARCOM managers / Management Students / Communication professionals / Event Managers / Event Designers.

Q. Something personal about you people may be surprised to know?

Am a Doctorate in management Science in Events.

Q. Future of through your eyes?

I have been reading since the time we have collaborated. The content is good and colors pleasing and the layout attractive. There is tremendous scope to reach the younger generation and it would be wonderful if there is a space for "PROSPECTIVE ENTREPRENEURS" / "NEW AGE EMPLOY ENGAGEMENTS". A club for Authors and a self-publishing space will add immense Talent value. With the Right of promotion, am Sure you would be rocking soon. Proud to be a part. best ahead.


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