You Are The Best Wife Book Review

RATING – 5/5

AUTHOR: Ajay K Pandey

PUBLISHER: Srishti Publishers


Ajay K Pandey grew up in the modest NTPC Township of Rihand Nagar with big dreams. He studied Engineering in Electronics at the IERT (Allahabad) and MBA at IIMM (Pune) before taking up a job in the corporate firm. He is currently working with Cognizant, Pune. He grew up with a dream of becoming a teacher, but destiny landed him in the IT field.

Travelling, trekking and reading novels are his hobbies. Travelling to different places has taught him about different cultures and people, and makes him wonder how despite all the differences, there is a bond that unites them. Trekking always inspires him to deal with challenges like a sport. Reading is perhaps what makes him feel alive.

You are the Best Wife is his debut book based on his life events and lessons. Apart from writing, he wants to follow his role model Mother Teresa and make some contribution to the society. He aspires to start a charitable trust that would support aged people and educate special children.


Ajay believes in living for himself; Bhavna teaches him to live for others. Ajay is a planner for life; Bhavna makes him live in every moment. You are the Best Wife is a story of two people with contradictory ideologies who fall in love. It changes them for good. It changes the way they look at the world and the way the world looks at them. Until destiny reveals its plans.

This is a truly inspiring story of the author and his struggle with life after his beloved wife left him halfway through their journey. But her last words, ‘you are the best husband’ gave him the strength to live on, and fulfill his promise of love.

Told with frankness and doses of humor, this heartwarming tale of a boy and a girl who never gave up on their love in face of adversities ends on a bittersweet and poignant note as Ajay comes to terms with the biggest lesson life has to offer. The story is based on Ajay K Pandey and Bhavna’s life-journey, and their love story that has been immortalized in the pages of this book.


YOU ARE THE BEST WIFE is a true love story and each every word of the book proves the fact true. Starting from the college life the story ends up on an inspiring note. It is one of the purest, heart-warming love story I ever read in my life. When you close a book and tears roll down from your eyes, it means the story touched your heart. Ajay K Pandey’s story will make you laugh in the beginning, make you feel loved in the middle and still you will end up crying in the end.

It’s a love story that will never end. Both Ajay and Bhavna fell in love and left the family for the future. Later in the story, they faced the problems of caste-system that most of the lovers face in an inter-caste love. But still, they anyhow managed to make it a happy end from the both sides. But their love story was about to experience a bad phase. They fought together till her very last breath and now they are still fighting together. They are fighting to help older people and special children to live a better life. Now even the gods cannot separate them because Bhavna is still living in Ajay’s heart.

All proceeds from the book will be donated to Bhavna Charitable Trust (an initiative by her parents). You will love this book, it’s a MUST READ!

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