Why Tea Is Always A Good Idea?

We live in a country where morning is incomplete without a cup of tea. We Indians believe that life is like a cup of tea to be filled to the brim and enjoyed with friends and family. Looking at the reports, India is the second biggest tea consumer after China and I have full faith that we are going to top the charts very soon!

But, it's time to change our drinking habits. It's time to move India towards a brighter side with the goodness of tea. We all love that road-side dhabe wali chai but it's time to start consuming the good stuff which will keep your weight in control, boost your immune system, save you from cancer, clear your skin and reduce signs of aging. We all want it right?

It's time for Gardner Street!

Gardner Street is a premium whole leaf green and herbal tea brand. They are a very promising brand with varieties of tea blends to cleanse your body and stimulate your senses. I have been using their two blends - Moroccan Mint (Herbal Mint Blend) & Glow (Whole Leaf Green Tea Premium Blend) since last 2 months and the results are really eye popping.

So, let's begin the review...

1. Moroccan Mint ( Quantity- 20 silken sachets, Cost- Rs 450)

Flavour Note - Cinamon and mint

Morocco Mint from the house of Gardner Street is made up of the herbal mint blend and all natural ingredients such as cinnamon, chicory, licorice, spearmint leaves, orange peel, safflower petals and natural mint flavors. It is also 100% caffeine free and is great for digestion. It is one of the signature teas from Gardner Street.

Health Benefits:

– Helps beat diabetes

– Helps with PMS and corrects hormonal imbalance in PCOD

– Aids digestion

My Experience -

To begin with, it comes in a very beautiful tin box and smells amazing. I have been in love with it since I first had my eyes on it. Well talking about my experience, I have insulin issues and hormonal imbalance most of the times and this tea helped me a lot. My hormones and body are balanced now and it I feel healthy as never before.

It has a very strong mint flavor which keeps me energetic and refreshed for a long time. My day starts with a cup of Moroccan Mint Tea because a cup of tea makes everything better. I would like to recommend this to everyone out there who wishes to stay fit and energetic. Just remember, where there is tea there is love.

2. Glow ( Quantity- 20 silken sachets, Cost- Rs 450)

Flavor Note - Fruity

Glow is one of the wellness collection of tea from the house of Gardner Street. It helps in achieving clear skin and contains natural premium ingredients such as- whole leaf green tea, hibiscus and marigold petals, orange peels and natural melon flavors.

Health Benefits:

– Clears the skin

– Helps in weight management

– Improves hair health

My Experience -

I have been a great fan of home remedies for healthy hair and skin and to be honest Glow tea by Gardner Street serves my purpose very well. It has a fruity taste and smell which is very aromatic. As soon as you'll smell it, you'll get lost and won't stop yourself from enjoying a cup of it.

I personally love to drink it twice or thrice a week to boost my skin and hair cells. It helps me in detoxing my hair and skin in a natural and an easy way. I would like to recommend it to everyone who is having hair, skin and weight issues. It did wonders for me and I am sure it will do the same to you guys. Keep calm and drink tea.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab a box of Moroccan Mint tea and Glow tea from Gardner Street now. You can't buy happiness, but you can buy tea and that's kind of the same thing. Cheers!