When Karma Goes Upside Down Book Review

RATING - 4/5

BOOK: When Karma Goes Upside Down

AUTHOR: Dishant Huria

PUBLISHER: Srishti Publishers

PAGES: 194

PRICE: Rs 195

ISBN: 978-93-82665-92-2


Born in 1991 in Delhi, Dishant Huria has been a reluctant journalist and an active blogger. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and a post-graduate in diploma in Advertising and Public Relations, his true calling came to light in writing this book. A sports and travel enthusiast, he is a part of a digital marketing firm, having worked with Network 18 and NNIS News Agency in the past.


By day, Aarush is struggling to get admission in a reputed college for his Master's degree; by night, he is a technical support man working in a call center. His lady love plans the most unexpected surprise gift on their fourth love anniversary- a break-up!

In trying to accept that she is gone, he bumps into several girls and an older woman who fascinates him no end. Will she be the anchor he has been waiting for? Or is this also a part of his never-ending quest to understand love, relationships, career, and friendship?

Moving to a new city, finding new friends, getting beaten by the police, and experimenting with life in general- he does everything. Join Aarush as he tries- by hook or by crook- to find a way to love and happiness When Karma Goes Upside Down.


Karma has a wicked sense of humor.

All we can do is laugh when it's our turn.

Karma Goes Upside Down is a simple and delightful read. It will inspire you to keep moving in life. The story is very connecting to most of us as it talks about a certain phase of life when everything just falls apart and there is no end to the struggles.

The author has dedicated this novel to the misery and sadness he had gone through and has also thanked the cigarette brand Benson & Hedges for keeping his anxiety in check during his vulnerable times. I really liked this idea and salute the author's transparency. Hats off!

Now let's take a look at the in-depth analysis of the book starting with the plot. It is very interesting and different from normal books published nowadays. The story revolves around love, lust, break-up, struggles, karma, and self-discovery with just a handful of characters.

Each character in the book holds its own significance and existence in the protagonist's journey. The characterization is done beautifully and it will help you understand the story as if you are experiencing it in real life.

The language used by the author is very simple and easy to understand. On the other hand, his writing style is also very crisp and accurate which beautifully compliments the story.

The author is a good source of motivation to all such people who have gone through relationship problems and have also suffered from depression. His book will inspire you to stand up again and take control of your life.

The cover of the book is also very catchy and reflects the title and the blurb.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading the book When Karma Goes Upside Down and would like to recommend this to young readers who are struggling in their life to achieve what they want. So, go ahead and buy this book from Amazon now!

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