When I Fell In Love With Life

RATING – 4.5/5

AUTHOR: Geetha Paniker



Geetha Paniker is a retired primary school teacher. She has a unique ability to find beauty around when pain rains on her, and it is this pain that keeps her grounded and humane. She is a teacher at heart, but God and nature are her teachers, and she draws lessons from everything around – from the mist to the mountain top to the dewdrop on a blade of grass. She hails from Anthikad, a village in Trichur, and lives in Chennai.


An anthology of writings from a cancer survivor whose therapeutic writing will guide, inspire, and heal your soul. She lays bare all the aspects of private suffering yet points out how she overcame each challenge with grit, determination, and a healthy dose of childish delight and wonder. Profound thoughts narrated in a simple language. Her words and wonderful ability to blend with her surroundings, yet stand out by absorbing the essence of it all; will challenge you to look at life through a rebel’s twinkling eye. Journey with this nature-loving, soul-searching, deep-thinking powerhouse. See what it feels like to touch rock bottom and build a solid foundation for a life made on her terms. A truthful story that continues to redefine the norm and gives you a glimpse into the life of a true survivor.


WHEN I FELL IN LOVE WITH LIFE is a combination of beautiful smile and tears. You will feel like smiling but at the same time, it will make you cry. Geetha Paniker – a cancer survivor pens down her true story of survival. The book will inspire you to keep hitting even in your worst times. Geetha shares her pains and some tips and tricks which she used to divert her mind. Each and every word of the book is inspiring and lovely. She fell in love with life, and you will fall in love with this book.

Looking through the eyes of Geetha, I found happiness in everything. The day I received the book, I was busy planning the future of my magazine. We forget our present and think about our future. The day I started reading the book, I found happiness everywhere. The book will change your thinking and will make you a better soul. She saw happiness in a bare tree and beauty in the jewels of nature. She inspired herself from Butterflies.

After reading the book I felt that we should start searching beauty in everything and inspiration everywhere. Everyone now or then faces many challenges and pains in their entire life. So I totally recommend each and everyone to read the book. It’s a MUST READ!

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