Two Steps Ahead Uncover What People Really Mean Book Review

Need some help finding a new non-fiction book? We’ve found one - Two Steps Ahead by Behaviour Analyst Col Sudip Mukerjee. No matter what your industry is, this amazing book is sure to inspire some new habits to your day-to-day life.


Do you ever feel stuck in life? Unable to make a commitment? Feeling demotivated? Don't know how to grow? Having no time for fun? Then this book is exactly for you.

Two Steps Ahead is the answer for all your problems. It will help streamline your journey towards success with 5 step ‘secret decoding system’. When you use these principles, you will rapidly and dramatically unearth the unsaid and negotiate from a position of strength, know exactly what the people you are dealing with want, and using the language that works, get what you want – simply, easily, at a blink of an eye.

There is a small difference between successful people and people who work hard and still are unable to succeed. Successful people can meaningfully communicate with others. Two Steps Ahead is all about how to communicate effectively so that you can understand what the other person wants or needs from you.

My daughter is two years old. When she comes to me and says Papa Papa, my brain decodes the code word, 'Papa'. What does she want? Maybe she is hungry, maybe she wants me to play with her, maybe she wants to go outside, or she wants to sleep.

Within seconds my brain comes to a decision and makes me act. If she is hungry, I feed her. If she wants to play, I play with her. If she wants to go outside, I take her outside, and If she wants to sleep, I make her sleep. How do I do that? Using the TOTE method mentioned in the book Two Steps Ahead.


Apart from TOTE Method, the book also about NLP and META MODEL in detail.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a psychological approach that involves analyzing strategies used by successful individuals and applying them to reach a personal goal. It relates thoughts, language, and patterns of behavior learned through experience to specific outcomes.

A metamodel is a model of a model, and metamodeling is the process of generating such metamodels. Thus metamodeling or meta-modeling is the analysis, construction and development of the frames, rules, constraints, models and theories applicable and useful for modeling a predefined class of problems.

It might sound something complex here but believe me, the way this book explain the terms using examples, you will understand it within minutes.

You must be wondering, does communicating effectively help? Why should you read the book? Are there any proven stats that improving communication skills work for you? The answer is below.

Steve Jobs (Apple Inc. Founder) inspired his employees to strive for perfect hardware products. Jeff Bezos (Amazon Founder) is known for articulating the Amazon ethos clearly to employees and the world. All of these leaders possess outstanding communication skills.

Overall, Two Steps Ahead will motivate you to improve your communication so that you can become a better individual, grow your business and uncover what people really mean. Everything a great book needs, this one has. The research is evident in this powerful, well-written book. So, go ahead and buy this book from Amazon now! BOOK RATING: 4/5

AUTHOR: Col Sudip Mukherjee

LENGTH: 162 pages


PUBLISHER: Notion Press

GENRE: Non-Fiction, Self-Help, Mind, Body & Spirit


In this path-breaking book about deciphering human thoughts through the language people use, Behaviour Analyst Col Sudip Mukerjee reveals the insights as to why we do what we do.

The 5 step ‘secret decoding system’ detailed in this book has been used extensively by Sudip and all those who have learnt from him and experienced it first hand in individual sessions. This is unlike any other concept that you may have read earlier – these are battle hardened tactics that work - every time!

When you use these principles, you will rapidly and dramatically unearth the unsaid and negotiate from a position of strength, know exactly what the people you are dealing with want, and using the language that works, get what you want – simply, easily, at a blink of an eye.


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Col Sudip Mukherjee helps individuals and companies to become more efficient and perform better through his use of Psycholinguistics and Human behaviour analytics. He writes extensively and is based out in Noida, India.


Q. Tell us something about your book TWO STEPS AHEAD.

If you want to improve the effectiveness of your communication - whether in relationships or business or in negotiations, Two Steps Ahead gives out the 'hows.'

How you can analyse the thoughts behind language and be 'two steps ahead' of the person you are speaking with.

Q. What inspired you to write your book?

In my Coaching and Training sessions, my clients would always ask me, where do I read more on this topic? And there weren't any books which cut through the fluff and reach the real important stuff - so I wrote TSA.

Q. How reading your book can change an individual's life?

The book will provide you with tools to analyse language easily and thereby get to the thought of the person. Therefore you will have more meaningful conversations, achieve much more saying much less, and not be misunderstood.

Q. One thing every entrepreneur should do daily?

Measure something in his business to check it's effectiveness. Talk to the relevant person and figure out what is working (continue with that) and figure out what is not working (change that).

Q. How do you achieve your goals?

By focusing on one step at a time.

Q. What keeps you motivated?

My quest for knowledge - that's what propels me to blend neuroscience, psychology, and linguistics research into simple, actionable, tangible strategies to boost performance and success.

Q. What is your work schedule like when you're writing?

I write from 5 am to 8 am when things are quiet. I get much more done early morning than if I do during the day.

Q. What do you like to do when you're not writing?

I work with Entrepreneurs and Self Employed Business Owners to help them improve their business, communicate better, and address issues bothering them.

Q. How do you help individuals and companies perform better using Human behavior analysis?

Whether your business is B2C, B2B, or B2G - its actually always P2P (people to people), and since each person will display some behaviour, analysing that behaviour will give you the best way to influence him/her in order for them to achieve their outcome, and you to do the same for your business.

Q. Future of through your eyes?

You guys are doing a great job. Carry on the great work and keep on shining.


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