Twenty Twenty - A Race Against Time Book Review

RATING - 5/5

BOOK: Twenty Twenty - A Race Against Time

AUTHOR: Anuraag Srivastava

PUBLISHER: Srishti Publishers

PAGES: 220

PRICE: Rs 195

ISBN: 978-93-82665-91-5


Anuraag Srivastava having done his schooling and college from Lucknow, has been a banker for over eighteen years now. Presently based in Ghaziabad, he has written more than hundred poems in Hindi and English. A learning guitarist, an amateur photographer, and an avid reader, he is a multi-faceted person. He also runs a blog for sharing his views on spirituality and general philosophy.


Abhi and Aditi are siblings who want to realize their dreams in the ever upgrading world. In the midst of all the struggle and success, they get entangled in a strange web. If they are not able to resolve the crisis in twenty days, their very existence can come under threat. In short, they have to hit sixes on every bouncer thrown at them. Not just the world outside, this ordeal is also a fight with one's own character and principles.

Unwanted situations, unexpected turns, money, and sex push them deeper into the web. Manipulations and treachery become the order. The hunter becomes the hunted. A vicious circle of betrayal and debauchery is created.

Twenty Twenty is a story of betrayal, deceit, and relationships, where a master planner devises games to get to his own ambitions.


"Life is a fast-paced Twenty20 game, and you need to keep playing to win."

Twenty Twenty is a mind blowing and extremely engaging read. It is a nerve capturing book full of romance, action, drama, and suspense. The author has smartly strategized his 18 years of banking experience in a very exclusive manner through his book.

Talking about the plot of the book, I think it is very strong. I believe in order to deliver a bestseller the plot must work as the master key to the story and the author has done the same. It is very new and different from the regular thrillers which make the story worth a bestseller.

The story revolves around business and time, and it is captivating. The author has very creatively placed each twist and turns in equal intervals which will keep you thrilled throughout the book.

I really liked the idea of writing a book based on business, relationships, and betrayal. These points make this book completely fresh and out of the box.

Now let's talk about the characterization. There are a handful of major characters, but the characterization of every character is to the core. Despite less number of major characters the story happens to be very sharp and crisp. Every character is interconnected to each other in a very surprising manner which is very amazing and impressive!

The language used by the author is very simple and sophisticated. The writing style is also very enchanting and appealing and works as the icing on the cake. On the other hand, the name of the book Twenty Twenty stands for the total duration of the story i.e 20 days which is very catchy and easy to remember. The cover of the book is also amazing and perfectly suits the tagline of the book "A race against time".

Overall, I would like to recommend this book to all the Thriller readers who believe in the last ball finish, or the last line finish in this case. Don't waste more time and order your book from Amazon now!

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