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To the Moon and Back by Revathi Bala Sabbella feels like a classic bollywood film but with a twist


Book Review


To the Moon and Back by Revathi Bala Sabbella feels like a classic Bollywood film but with a twist. It has everything that a romance reader asks for.

The new year is full of bubbles and sparkles and hope. To every lonely soul out there waiting for that someone, I cannot guarantee you the love of your dreams, but believe me, this book will keep your fantasies alive.

Steamy, entertaining, and full of life, To The Moon and Back by Revathi Bala Sabbella will surprise you with unexpected action and drama. Topped-up with humor, friendships, and romances it will make you swoon from the very first page.

A cold January is the best time to read this exciting book. Overall, To The Moon and Back is exhilarating and intense. Go ahead and buy this book from Amazon now!


About the Book


“HE IS DROP‒DEAD GORGEOUS," admits Priya Malhotra.

Priya Malhotra's world is quiet and ordinary. She doesn't have complaints, and she likes it that way. After the traumatic event five years back, she thought she'd overcome her nightmare.

But it's back. It follows her like a shadow that never leaves. Why? She desperately wants to find answers.

Then, she meets him. Abhay Sinha.

He is rude and arrogant. He is sweet and gentle when he wants to be. Everything about him drew her like a moth to a flame. He makes her happy and also drives her crazy.

The most attractive thing about him is his immense love for his daughter. She's the sweetest thing in the world. But he's off‒limits to her.

A chance encounter with this father and daughter turns Priya's world upside down.

Even though they meet under unexpected circumstances, this handsome father and the quirky daughter just barge into her life, and regardless of her attempts to draw a line between them and stay within her limits, it just seems to be futile.

Unknown to them both, they share a past that made their lives a roller coaster. And once again it has reconciled to the surface, threatening their loved ones.


About the Author


Revathi Bala Sabbella released her debut novel 'To The Moon and Back' in 2022. She first started her journey on Wattpad and now expanding her work to other platforms.

She writes contemporary romance novels based on Indian backgrounds. Her novels are swoon-worthy, feel-good, and family-entertained themes across multiple sub-genres such as rom-com, crime, thriller, office, billionaires, YA, etc.



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