The World Is In Me Book Review

RATING – 4/5

AUTHOR: Sheeraz Khan

PUBLISHER: Leadstart Publishing


Sheeraz Akmal Khan was born in Khamma town, near Hyderabad.He is a 20-year-old author and songwriter. He has been reading literature since a year now. What inspired him to write this novel is obviously Mother Nature, as his home is surrounded by nature. Currently, he is studying BusinessManagement, at Kavita Memorial College, Khammam. He has already started writing his second novel and he is clear that he wants to pursue a writing career. He feels, his current book, THE WORLD IS IN ME is the best writing piece of his hard-work so far.

ABOUT THE BOOK: It was a self-portrait with me standing in front of a wall-size mirror and staring at my reflection. I had a confused face because what I could see in the mirror was not what actually around me. It depicted a basement on which I was standing. The mirror made me feel that a whole lot of another thing existed around me. I could not see them though. But I had an explanation for them. It could only mean one thing" that they existed as a part of the different dimensional world!

REVIEW: The book has totally new concept a different world, making the story different from other books. Sheeraz has beautifully presented his imagination in a form of a wonderful story. Title and cover are equally beautiful and supporting the blurb. The concept of Eva is something out of the box which will tempt readers to love this book. The center of attraction in the whole story is the communication between the real and fantasy, aka virtual world. The book is well written with the proper description of all the characters. Sheeraz has interestingly embedded this story with the use of good dialogues.

The book contains few grammatical errors. The story could have been more interesting, with good narration part.

Overall the book is good and has a different concept which could entertain the readers who are bored of reading love-stories. I would recommend it to all the fantasy lovers. All the best to Sheeraz for his book and I 'm looking forward to reading his upcoming book.

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