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The White Eagle Book Review


The White Eagle by Partha Banerjee is an unforgettable novel of strength and hope. With powerful background research, this book will leave you thrilled and shocked. Everyone knows Adolf Hitler. As the leader of Nazi Germany, he orchestrated both World War II and the Holocaust, events that led to the deaths of at least 40,000,000 people. But do you know Irena Sendler?

This book tells the story of Irena Sendler, a social worker who was part of the Polish Underground Resistance during World War II in German-occupied Warsaw and was arrested by the Nazis for saving nearly 2,500 Jewish children by smuggling them out of the Warsaw ghetto.

It is a heartbreakingly beautiful novel that celebrates humanity and women during World War II. It makes you experience Poland's dangerous path toward survival, sacrifice, and freedom in German-occupied, war-torn Poland.

What makes this book stand out of the crowd is its semi-fictional and semi-non-fictional narration. It helps you understand the emotions and situations of the people experiencing the Holocaust first hand.

Overall, The White Eagle is a vivid, harrowing, and ultimately moving book for emotionally strong people who can understand the risks involved. I would love to see it converted into a tv series. If you love reading Historical Fiction, then this book is a MUST READ for you!


‘The White Eagle’ is a work of historical fiction in the backdrop of wartime Poland, specifically the ghettos of World War II. As a work of historical fiction, there is serious historical research involved on matters such as the genesis of Soviet-Polish antagonism and the events that led to the invasion of Poland in 1939. But ultimately, this is a story of ultimate human courage and sacrifice. The protagonist, Irena Sendler, was a hero of the Polish Resistance. She was a Polish Catholic social worker who along with nine of her associates smuggled Jewish children out of the ghetto and placed them with convents and foster families. She risked her life and saved the lives of more than 2,500 children from imminent death and gave them a new life. The children saved by her are known as “Irena Sendler’s Children”. Using the known historical facts about her life as scaffolding, the author fills in the blanks. The result is a gripping story – an adventure story of magnificent, operatic proportions.

RATING: 4.5/5

AUTHOR: Partha Banerjee

LENGTH: 348 pages


PUBLISHER: Notion Press

GENRE: Historical Fiction


Partha Banerjee, a Graduate in Electronics & Telecom Engineering and a Masters in Operations Research holds a high office in IT Management in one of the reputed retail companies in the UAE.

He has been passionate about literature and writing from his childhood and has received due recognition for his literary acumen and work. He is known in his circle for writing on uncommon topics.

Right from his childhood, the Second World War and the Third Reich fascinated him. During his visits to Germany, he witnessed the history of the Third Reich and visited the infamous Auschwitz and Birkenau Concentration Camps. The Third Reich and Nazi Germany have had a strong influence on his mind.

The White Eagle is his second novel and is based on the life and exemplary work of Irena Sendler during wartime Poland. His first novel ‘Nitza’, which is widely appreciated in India and abroad is available on Amazon Kindle



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