The Unknown Realm Book Review

RATING - 4/5

BOOK: The Unknown Realm

AUTHOR: Prashant Wason

PUBLISHER: Notion Press

PAGES: 378

PRICE: Rs 399

ISBN: 978-93-86009-67-8


Prashant Wason is a ninth grader and loves penning down his thoughts. This is his first Young Adult fiction novel. With this book, he marks his entry into the world of published writing. He writes poetry as well. The essence of his poetry reflects upon the insights of the world around us. Prashant discovered his passion for writing when he was ten. He is a voracious reader and a meritorious student. He has won many accolades in various school competitions.

Apart from reading and writing, he is interested in sciences and maths. He wants to pursue pure sciences after his twelfth grade and at the same time, continue with his passion for writing. In his leisure time, he loves playing football, going to nature trails and watching movies. He stays in Pune with his parents and his younger brother.

After his debut novel, The Unknown Realm: War and Beyond, he is currently working on its sequel, besides preparing for his IGCSE exams.


Young Sam led a busy and mundane life. Between managing a part-time job and school simultaneously, his passion for football was his only solace. He had only a couple of friends to call his own, unsure of where his family was.

His life was torn asunder he started hearing a mysterious voice and befriended a new girl at school, Elizabeth Swift. He learned the truth about the voice within him. It was his soul: Frazen, who was speaking to him.

Now, he and his friends must make a perilous journey to the most desolate place in the world to release Frazen and others into another dimension: a magical world where they belonged, one where a war has been raging for a century, guided by an ancient prophecy.

Driven suddenly into the heat of battle, fumbling between legends and myths from the past and unearthing deep secrets about himself and his family, can Frazen end the war? Can he restore order and find peace before a wicked veil covers Sam's material world?


"Goal! A dubious shot indeed, a fantastic dual curler makes the score equal." The crowd cheered, excited by the rising crescendo of the match.

What can be better than a sci-fi book starting with an intense football match? I was reminded of my school days when I held the record of scoring more than 100 goals in a calendar year for my school.

The Unknown Realm is an amazing sci-fi book with a very new kind of plot and storyline. Apart from its mind-blowing plot, what amazed me more is the fact that the author of this book is a ninth grader. Very Impressive!

It is not the first time that I am reviewing a young author, I have reviewed many young authors but the language and the use of words which is visible in The Unknown Realm are totally incomparable to others.

The author has an amazing control on his vocab. I have always believed that penning down a science fiction is an achievement on its own since it requires a good vision. Which I can clearly see in the author. His vision is great and he has the potential to write multiple best-sellers in future.

The Unknown Realm has thrilling battles with each linking to each other. It symbolizes teamwork, friendship, love, and trust. The author has also used many BOOM! & KABOOM! in the book to add some comic effect to the story which is very creative.

The characterization is at its best and you won't be confused between the characters. Talking about the characters, there are many throughout the book. The story moves on a very balanced pace but the author needs to work a little on the timeline.

The cover of the book is also very attractive and perfectly suits the title and the blurb. On the other hand, It would have been great if there was a list of characters name in the beginning of the book. I would also like to suggest the author to add some more twists and dark moment in the book.

Overall, I loved reading The Unknown Realm and would surely love to read the second part. If you are a sci-fi fan or if you are young, then you must read this book. Go get your book from Amazon now!

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