The Unbreakable Law Book Review

RATING – 4.5/5

AUTHOR: Pragat Kasana

PUBLISHER: Pepper Script


Pragat Kasana is a graduate in Economics (Honours) and is presently working with a nationalized bank. He has always been fascinated by fantasy fiction writing. With his keen interest in writing and constant participation in many short story writing, he brings to you his first novel.


Hersh’s mission is to help the Zenith’s who follow the Code of Destiny against the Seekers. While he faces myriad ordeals to make his way into the world of Zeniths to complete his mission, realizing the real aspects of The Unbreakable Law of power and destiny, a question haunts him throughout, “Is he helping the right people?”


The Unbreakable Law is an amazing read and you will be totally engrossed in the book till the very end. Starting from the cover of the book, it is very creative and will surely attract the readers. The title of the book is also very catchy. The plot of the story is based on the fight for the powers between Zeniths and Seekers or we can say the fight between Good and Bad. But there are some twists and turns in the story which make this Good vs Bad battle into a perfect science fiction book. The author looks very inspired by the Harry Potter as some things in the book looks very common when compared with the JK Rowling’s best-selling series. In a science fiction novel where the character names are not very common, you are most likely to get lost once you begin reading, but that problem was solved in the very first page where the main characters and terms were well described. Also, the author has managed to create a perfect flow of the story throughout the book, which is worth the applause. What I loved most about the book was the end, which was very dramatic and creative. The author has also given a clue that you may expect this book to become a series and if that happens, I would surely love to read more from him. It’s a MUST READ!

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