The Prediction Book Review

RATING – 4.5/5

AUTHOR: Swarupa Chavan



Being born with the power of Precognition proves to be a curse to Tia. Her predictions are misconceived and she is considered an evil spirit by her father. An alarming prediction of her mother’s death shuns her from the life of her father completely. She lives with this guilt all her life feeling derelict and forlorn.

Tia despises the power of her sixth sense which would always envisage the impending calamities of her loved ones.

What Tia foresees next forces her to think that it was time for emancipation, as her Prediction, this time, changes the course of everybody’s lives.


Swarupa Chavan is a Strategic Sourcing expert by profession and a writer by choice. She loves to travel & explore an exotic place to connect with nature. Being a movie buff she fancies watching Bollywood movies. She is an avid reader and enjoys reading in her spare time. Her humorous novels TO ERR IS HUMAN and A JOURNEY TO REMEMBER have made her popular among readers. Her short story THE UNSAID WORDS was a part of the Anthology – FUSION, which was greatly appreciated and loved by the readers. Her new novel THE PREDICTION is based on the power of Sixth Sense. It is a book very close to her heart as it is one of her favorite genre of Science Fiction.


The Prediction is a very lovely Sci-Fi book which will force you to read the entire book at a go. The plot of the story is very creative and the simplicity of the story made it look even better. When we look at a Sci-Fi book we always think about unusual names and unseen locations, most of the novels are out of the world but Swarupa has managed to maintain a reality in her Sci-Fi book. She used normal names with normal locations but not-so-normal powers. The words used by Swarupa in her book are very simple and easy to understand which gives the book a plus point. The cover of the book is also very beautiful and creative. I think the author must publish a series of novels with Tia who is the leading character of her book playing a Super Hero role. We all love Super Hero books and comics, so why not have an Indian girl Super Hero who is different from other Super Heroes. It will go perfectly with ‘The Prediction’ being the first part of the series. Overall, the book is very lovely and you will surely enjoy reading it. It’s a MUST READ!

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