The Prank Call Book Review

RATING – 4/5


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: The author Raja Rajeshwari Nagasigamani writes under her pen name of A.R. Sara. She resides in India with her family. She is an author of books for children of all ages.

ABOUT THE BOOK: Seeing her daughter texting away in wee hours of the morning, blissfully unaware of her surroundings, Madhuri is flooded with memories from over two decades ago. Take the short, sweet and breezy ride with her as she travels down the memory lane landing on a particular day. A day like any other except that a prank call sets in motion events with life changing consequences.

VERDICT: The book beholds the sweet, simple and breezy journey of Madhuri towards finding her mate. You'll be lost in the love lane.

REVIEW: The book comprises of a sweet and simple story of Madhuri in finding her mate in the most tricky way possible. The author has expressed her thoughts beautifully with the sprinkles of love on it. The story is short, fast and lovely, filled with sweet and amazing twists and turns at every step. You will love the way she has characterized each and every character of the story. Her way of writing is also very impressive. The cover of the book is lovely and perfectly suits the title and blurb. In the entire story, there was only one weak point that I came across is that the story could have been a bit more lengthy because it was too good to end so fast. It is a must read for all the love story lovers. You'll feel the moment of bliss once you'll complete reading this book. I would like to wish the author all the best for her book and would love to read more from her.

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