The Other Guy Book Review

RATING - 4.5/5 AUTHOR: Aakash Mehrotra PUBLISHER: Leadstart Corp PAGE COUNT: 273 PRICE: Rs 249

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Aakash Mehrotra is a management consultant working in the field of financial technology, using technology to extend financial services to rural and low-income households.

He constantly travels on work and works to find the human moments in travel- experiencing myriad cultures and listening to people's deeply imbibed Philosophies.

ABOUT THE BOOK: Set in contemporary India, The Other Guy is a tale of forbidden love. Amidst laws which declare them criminals, emotional repression, and societal suppression, Nikhil and Anuj are two talented young men, deeply in love with each other. Though polar opposites, they effortlessly complement each other.Anuj had lived a constricted life, always in his fear of the consequences of the truth; Nikhil, a carefree soul, is ready to take on the world. The truth is known only to a few select friends, and to Anuj's sister.

The novel is about making the hard, heartbreaking choices to allow such a relationship to breathe and survive in a traditional land of rigid taboos. Anuj experiences separation from his family as he surrenders to the questions in their eyes and decides to choose candor over coy; to listen to his desires; to be open and free about it. But it is not the same with his partner, Nikhil. When his mother initiates talk of his marriage, Anuj coaxes Nikhil to take a decision that can scar their lives forever.

Do societal diktats run the lives of these gifted young men or does love prevail? Do Anuj and Nikhil have the last laugh, using society against itself, so they can breathe and live as they wish?

Nikhil and Anuj's story is just one of many, most of them buried in the misery of silence. It deserves to be read by everyone who wishes to see a more inclusive world where acceptance and humanity grace our lives.


The Other Guy by Aakash Mehrotra is no doubt a bold and beautiful book that touches the heart and mind forever.

The plot is very stirring and strong. It highlights the gossiped everywhere lives of gays in today's world which I found very empowering and liberating.

Based on a sensitive topic this book is an untold and unheard story of many men who are born different but are perfectly normal. The only one who finds them abnormal or away from normal is our illiberal and narrow-minded society.

The choice of understanding and adding voice to the pain and differences they go through in their everyday life is what makes me applaud for the author.

The book has a very beautiful story-line which couldn't have been formed and compiled in any other way that I could imagine. It will make you happy, sad, romantic and excited all at the same time. In short, it is full of surprising twists and turns which lead to multiple mysteries.

Talking about the language and writing style, it is a well-written book with simple yet beautiful language. You'll find honesty and transparency in every word. This makes it a very interesting and emotional read.

The characterization is at its best. There are a few characters in the book including the 2 protagonists. The most exhilarating part of it is that each and every character holds its own unique essence to this enticing story.

I thoroughly loved and enjoyed reading this extraordinary book with an excellent plot. The cover of the book is also very attractive,

Overall, The Other Guy by Aakash Mehrotra is an absolutely unmatched and remarkable read which everyone should read at least once in their lifetime. Trust me it will leave you spellbound. I would also like to congratulate the author for writing such an amazing book, It indeed takes courage to hear their unheard voices and adding importance to them. Go ahead and buy this book from Amazon now!


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