The Last Surge Book Review

RATING – 4.5/5

AUTHOR: Pramit Sarkar



Although a native of Kolkata, Pramit Sarkar spent a chunk of his adolescence in Bhubaneshwar. Following his board exams he returned to Kolkata, but as it turned out, he was back in Bhubaneshwar to pursue his graduation from the Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneshwar. And it was during this phase that he discovered a passion for writing, dishing our various articles for the college newsletter 'Wistaz'. Besides being a member of the Literary Society, he was also a member of the Training and Placement Cell, the Alumni Cell as well as a co-founder of the social activity club, 'A Souls for Solace'. Completing his graduation in 2013, he then joined Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited as a Grade-A officer but left his job within a year to follow his heart. Presently, he also covers wedding stories as a freelance writer.


"...the day we face each other, she will be sorry; sorry for rendering me emotionally impotent. And that will be my victory." Their blazing courtship was nearing marriage before fate played its vicious card. Rimi dumped Gabriel and married the choice of her family but Gabriel decided to remain single. Why did Rimi take such a drastic decision? How did Gabriel keep up his singlehood? Did they meet again or did fate succeed in keeping them apart? How does Sneha fit into the picture? Crafted with the characteristic flavors of Bengal, THE LAST SURGE brings you the tale of an ace football player turned relationship counselor and what made this protagonist a great brother, a greater father and an even greater romantic.


The cover of the book is simply amazing and suits the title and blurb. Sneha discovers the truths of the early life of his father. Fate makes Gabriel and Rimi meet once again.

THE LAST SURGE is a book which should be in every novel lover's hands. Pramit has beautifully described each and everything perfectly.

The use of words is remarkable. The way author has blended each word for such an amazing story which will make readers cry. I loved the story as well as the description of each character.

The book is indeed a 4.5 starer according to me and it is a MUST READ for all the novel lovers.

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