The Last Alchemist Book Review

RATING - 4.5/5

BOOK: The Last Alchemist

AUTHOR: Aditya Joshi

PUBLISHER: White Falcon Publishing

PAGES: 141

PRICE: Rs 183

ISBN: 978-93-86210-81-4


Aditya Joshi has written professionally for more than 20 years. His experience in the realm of spirituality led him to write the novella, The Alchemy of the Soul, in 2012 and The Last Alchemist, in 2017. He lives in Delhi NCR, India.


Prema wants to learn the secret of Alchemy, or of turning metals into Gold and wishes to use the knowledge to purify his own soul. He finds an ancient, tattered book, which speaks of an immortal master alchemist living in the vicinity of the Taj Mahal, 150 years ago. He goes in search of that immortal master. Compulsively readable, The Last Alchemist is an intellectually and aesthetically immersive adventure, in the same vein as Paulo Coelho's books, and is an electrifying debut.


Ask not who goes before ye,

But read ye this tale and see,

That 'tis ye,

That be,

The Last Alchemist...

The Last Alchemist is ONE IN A MILLION! It is the story of a search for life's meaning and after completing the book, I have no doubt in naming the author Aditya Joshi as "The Indian Paulo Coelho". If you don't know about Paulo Coelho, he is a Brazilian lyricist and novelist and the recipient of numerous international awards. He is best known for his widely translated novel "The Alchemist".

Having read Paulo Coelho's "The Alchemist", I had very high hopes from "The Last Alchemist" and I think the author has amazingly nailed it. It has a very strong storyline based on the ancient practice named as Alchemy and works as a wonderful motivational book.

Alchemy is the medieval forerunner of chemistry, concerned with the transmutation of matter, in particular with attempts to convert base metals into gold or find a universal elixir. In short, a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

Starting with the plot, I think it is phenomenal. It is very engaging and inspiring. The 140-page beauty has the power to push you towards self-growth and self-transformation. It helps you become a wise and better human.

The story is full of mysteries, twists, and turns which will keep you hooked till the very end. With each passing line, the story becomes more and more interesting as the mysteries begins to unfold. It's just incredible!

To pen down a story like this is an achievement on its own. It requires a lot of research and I am very much satisfied by the author's findings and execution. On the other hand, the characterization is done very smartly, keeping in mind the theme and the aim of the book.

There are only two major characters in the story; Prema and The Master. But, with a very good imagination power, the author has made the story revolve around these two characters in an unbelievable manner.

Talking about the language; it is very rich and applaudable. The author's writing style is spectacular. In short, it's top class!

Overall, The Last Alchemist is a wonderful gift to the literary world. I loved the book and would surely recommend you to read it at least once in your life. So, go ahead and buy this book from Amazon now!

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