The First Trillionaire Book Review

RATING - 4/5

AUTHOR: Written by Sapna Jha & Translated by Alok Jha

PUBLISHER: The Write Place


Alok Jha did his schooling from the prestigious Netarhat School, he completed graduation from Patna Science College. He completed his education from some of the most premium institutions in India, NIFT being one of them from where he got a Post-Graduate Diploma.

Taking a turn, he joined a PSU bank and worked in various capacities viz. as a Branch Manager in different states of India. He also worked as Departmental Head in Administrative Offices of banks in the states of Bihar, Gujarat, and Orissa.

He is a CAIIB (Certifed Associate of Indian Institute of Banking and Finance) with management training from the National Institute of Bank Management, Pune. He feels that his educational background, with science until his graduation, fashion technology next and then banking expanded his horizon of thinking.

His experiences of working as a Senior Branch Manager and Senior Manager in Planning Department of the regional headquarters of the bank in different places opened up new vistas of learning for him.


Shail, an ordinary village girl joins a government bank where she gets exposed to the glitterati of the world. It is at this point that she starts nurturing her dreams of becoming a trillionaire.

Her quest for success begins on social media where she meets Olivia who is a nonagenarian British multi-billionaire. Olivia is facing succession problems in her vast empire; to add to her woes she is challenged by Kran an unconventional scientist who is a major shareholder in Olivia's US business.

Kran diverts Olivia's US business funds into his futuristic endeavors and coerces Olivia to divert her Asian and European business funds to his company, 'Near Earth Miners and Space Voyagers.'

Back in India, Shail sternly refuses to conform to Bachcha Singh's suspicious financial transaction in the bank branch where Shail works. This subsequently leads to her eventful kidnapping. During this ordeal, Bachcha Singh notes her captives high association with Olivia. Due to his perceived inability to handle the kidnapping, he transfers Shail to Musa Khan who is India's most wanted fugitive.

Kidnapped Shail is kept in wretched conditions for several days on a river island in Eastern India and thereafter transferred to western coast for further transfer abroad; Shail's condition deteriorates. High on optimism of her freedom, Shail firmly believed that hope heals. REVIEW:

The First Trillionaire begins like a Fairytale. A girl named Shail receives a message on Facebook from women named Olivia. The message reads that she is the only heir of her millions of dollars. Shail did not believe her and replied her back that she is a fraud.

But soon, a huge amount of money was transferred to her bank account turning Shail's simple life upside down. Later in the book, the Fairytale turned into a Thriller with a lot of Action, Bloodshed, and Politics.

What I loved about the book was that each and every character is very well described. There are many major characters in the 296-page novel, but the characterization was at its best.

The language used in the book by the author is also very simple and easy to understand. Since this book was originally written in Hindi, the translator has left some Hindi dialogues in the book to spice up the events.

I have read many books that were originally written in Hindi but was then translated into English. I think The First Trillionaire has the best translation ever.

What I did not like about the book was that apart from concentrating on humanity factor, the author has more focussed on Hindu - Muslim factor. The author should understand that we all are born the same way and die the same way regardless of which religion we follow.

The cover of the book is also very attractive and perfectly suits the title and the blurb. Overall, I think The First Trillionaire is a thrilling book and you will surely love it. You can buy the book from Amazon now!

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