The Essence Of Eternal Happiness Book Review

RATING – 4/5

COMPILERS: Bernard D’sa & Shonali Dey

PUBLISHER: Raindrops Company

ABOUT THE BOOK: "The Essence of Eternal Happiness" is a collection of poetries by a group of creative poets and eloquent rhymes from different spheres of life. As the theme itself reflects, this book will end your search for happiness as it has all flavors of life used in it. The book brings you closer with your inner self-motivating healing and encouraging you by the verses and simply sailing the boat of your life to ultimate happiness. Hope you enjoy the essence put together in this book and inspire many people to look ahead with love and hope.

REVIEW: The book contains poetry works of 29 poets/ writers. All the poems are beautifully written and spread the message of love and harmony. All the poems are related to life in one or the other way which makes it worth reading. I would like to congratulate Bernard and Shonali for presenting the talents of these 29 poets/writers in such an interesting way. While reading the book I witnessed all the flavors of life as mentioned in the introduction, the book is very promising and has a very positive message for all the readers. One must read to get inspired. All the poems are very close to my heart as I can connect my life with most of them. Well my favorite ones among them are ‘To Time’ and ‘Fate’ by Sadia, ‘Mother-My First Love’ by Sadanand Shenoy, ‘Freedom at Last’ by Promilla Qazi and’ To Be Or Not To Be’ by Monroe Gogoi.

The cover of the book could have been more beautifully and interestingly designed keeping the simplicity in mind. Overall, It is a must read collection of poetries by very talented 29 poets/writers. You'll feel full of life and revived in the end.

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