The Dawn Book Review

RATING - 4.5/5

AUTHOR: Divya. G. Prasad

PUBLISHER: Notion Press


PRICE: Rs 100

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Divya. G.Prasad was born and mostly brought up in Bangalore. Divya has been keen on writing from the age of 15. This is her first book. She derives her writing from inspirations around her. Divya stays in Bangalore and works for an MNC. Apart from writing, she also enjoys music.


“The Dawn” is a collection of poems that spans over 10 years' worth of writing. The book touches our everyday lives. Put in simple words, this book is relatable to every common man. While few poems explore our deepest feelings, few poems are on parents and on the woes of youth and some are also hilarious.

This book is sure to make your head nod and think for yourself, ‘Oh yes, I have experienced this’. Grab this book for a sneak-peek into the mirror of our lives; we have all been through this phase of life.


The Dawn by Divya. G. Prasad is an amazing collection of 22 short and beautiful poems. It is a perfect add-on to your morning tea or midnight snacks.

To begin with, the poems are based on random thoughts, feelings and things around us. It also consists of poems on strong relations in our life, such as mother, father, friends etc.

Talking about the poems, they are simply heartwarming. I really liked the idea of mentioning the poem's inspiration at the end of each poem. It makes it interesting, inspiring and easy to connect. One thing that I liked the most is the idea of keeping the poems very light and meaningful. The concept of writing poems on very odd things such as traffic and mosquito is what makes this book more special and out of the box.

The language used in this book is very simple and connecting. Also, the book is free from any grammatical errors.

My top 5 favorite poems of The Dawn are:

1. The Unheard 2. Guess Who? 3. To My Mom 4. Daddy Dearest 5. A Girl Child

Overall, The Dawn by Divya. G. Prasad is a must read with a pleasant cover and inspiring poems. I would recommend it to everyone as it is very short and meaningful. You can finish it in a go. So, go ahead and buy this book from Amazon now!


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