The Cullinan Diamonds And Other Mysteries Book Review

RATING - 4/5

BOOK: The Cullinan Diamonds And Other Mysteries

AUTHOR: Giri Nair

PUBLISHER: Cinnamon teal Publishing

PAGES: 129

PRICE: Rs 299

ISBN: 978-93-86301-20-8


Giri is a 42-year old IT professional who has worked for more than 20 years with leading IT companies in India. He has also been an IT consultant with Fortune 500 clients across Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Australia. This has exposed him to the real life mysteries, troubles, and challenges faced by IT professionals.


For it professionals who ask that question often, it seems like an answer has finally arrived. Here is an IT consultant and a fan of Sherlock Holmes. He is tall, indifferent to feminine charms, well read, and tries his best to emulate the great detective.

Whether a couple of missing mobiles, a vanished laptop from a locked room, or a missing diamond earring in a busy, crowded, airport, or a software engineer who seems to have disappeared, you can trust him to solve these mysteries using his wit and logic.

Experience the Indian Sherlock Holmes in action!


"You are serious, aren't you?" she still looked doubtful.

The Cullinan Diamonds and Other Mysteries is a collection of five mysterious short stories which are inspired by true events. Every story takes you on a mysterious roller-coaster ride with some unexpected and unpredictable endings.

When our elders share some amazing stories of their life, we are always curious to hear it. The same is the case with the author Giri Nair, who has more than 20 years of experience in the IT Industry. It's his story with a touch of fiction and it will surely leave you craving for more. The author has portrayed himself as the leading character and the overall characterization is at its best. You can easily connect the dots to unveil the truth. On the other hand, the language used by the author is also very easy to understand. Some words used in the book are regional but the Appendix Page at the end of the book will help you understand.

We all have faced some thrilling and mysterious events in our life and The Cullinan Diamonds and Other Stories will remind of them. When I was reading the book, I got easily connected to the stories because I have also experienced similar events in my life. Which keeps you hooked till the very last page.

My favorite story of the book is "Mystery of the vanished lady software engineer". This story was very much unpredictable in the beginning and the final outcome was shocking. I also liked "Mystery of the Missing Mobiles" and "Mystery of the missing laptop" very much because I have lost and found them too.

I loved the idea of narrating the stories, it was very impressive and attention seeking. Also, using sketches in the stories to help the readers understand the situation was also mindblowing.

But, I would like to suggest the author to keep some creative names of each story so that the readers don't get a clue in the beginning. Also, adding some more thrill, twists and turns would spice up the events.

Overall, I loved the Indian Sherlock Holmes with desi stories and I would like to suggest all the true story lovers to read this book at least once. Go get your copy of The Cullinan Diamonds and Other Stories from Amazon now!

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