The Coffee And The Cola Book Review

RATING - 4.5/5

AUTHOR: Kapil Muzumdar

PUBLISHER: Notion Press


Kapil Muzumdar comes from the world of advertising and branding and has invested over twenty-five years crafting stories for brands, celebrities, and corporate icons. He loves studying human behavior and profiling people, predominantly along psychographic outlines.

Today, he works as a creative philosopher, and is often invited to speak at educational institutions and corporates on 'the absence of conventional thinking'. He also works to inspire brands and businesses to practice ideas beyond the traditional certain. The author in him writes stories centering on unusual narratives surrounding the peculiarity of human behavior. He is particularly fascinated by women and the complexity of emotion that resides in them. He wants to continue writing novellas with stories highlighting the core tenets of the human mind or exploring the deep disquiet within their hearts. The Coffee and The Cola is his first book.


With a coffee, you get addicted. With a cola, you mix it with an addiction. One you'd like to have by your side when you begin a relationship, while the other serves as a shoulder to lean on when you end one. The Coffee and The Cola comes from the author's belief that there is a correlation between traits in woman and properties of these two beverages. This book traverses through an ordinary narrative built around an extraordinary premise. Men could devour him. And as the story progresses, female readers could end up relating to one of the two molds or simply loathe!


The Coffee and The Cola has a very extraordinary plot and you are surely going to love it. The author's way of writing is amazing and his command over language is very strong which adds value to the book.

What I liked the best in the book was the characterisation. The traits and characteristics of every character are revealed slowly yet in a tempting way.

You can expect some twists and turn in the book along with good amount of romance to add spice to the story. The author has also managed to portray every emotion in a beautiful way.

On the other hand, the cover of the book is also very catchy just like the title. Both of them are complimenting the blurb in a creative way.

Overall, The Coffe and The Cola is an amazing read and you are surely going to love it if you are interested in observing people around you. Read it and you will surely love it. I would like to wish the author for his book and would surely love to read his future works as well.

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