The 365 Days Book Review

RATING - 4.5/5

BOOK:The 365 Days

AUTHOR: Nikhil Ramteke

PUBLISHER: Write India Publishers

PAGES: 178

PRICE: Rs 175

ISBN: 978-81-932988-4-8


Nikhil Ramteke is an M-Tech in Chennai Technology. He is currently working as a Production Manager in a leading multinational FMCG giant - IFFCO, since 8 years. Born & brought up in Nagpur Maharashtra, he currently stays in Sharjah, UAE. Apart from his passion for writing, he is a qualified painter, nominated photographer & an avid traveller. Intrigued by Indian labor's situation in the gulf, he narrates a heartbreaking story & his experience in UAE.


This is a story that falls through the crevices of pitiless anonymity, yet miraculously waits to be told. Shijukutty, a Malayali fisherman, leaves his tiny hamlet of abject poverty in the coastal village of Vizhinjam on the outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala, that picturesque vignette of searching beauty on the southwestern coast of India. Shiju, like millions of other Malayalis, seeks his destiny in Dubai, that gleaming global hub of fortune on the southeast coast of exploitation, identity, and friendship, and the heartbreaking choices Shiju is often forced to make. So what he sees is not what he experiences when he lands in a world of glimmering towers, fast-paced life, and the underbelly of Dubai beyond the shimmering mirage.

Shiju's life is no more the same. But he holds his ground, drawing on ancient instincts of his seafaring ancestry. As things settle down around him, he is inexorably pulled into the canyon of recession. The 365 Days weaves a captivating tale about the countless Indians and other South-East Asian migrant laborers, who, in seeking to forge their destinies on that gleaming promontory of dreams, end up colliding with forces beyond their reckoning.


'I am planning to go to Dubai,' I told her quietly. 'Gulf?' She was baffled and at once stopped stirring the rice porridge on the earthen stove.

Many things can happen in The 365 Days, the same was the case with a fisherman who was forced to try his luck in the largest and most populous city in the UAE i.e Dubai due to his financial problems. He begins his journey with expectations of a better job and good life but the harsh reality was ready to engulf his true identity.

The 365 Days has an untouched and amazing plot for Indian Book Industry which needed some spotlight. The author Nikhil Ramteke has delivered an amazing book by keeping the story moving on a parallel speed with many twists and unexpected turns throughout the book.

The book is inspired by true events of 2007-08 when the Gulf crisis forced Indian construction workers to go home from Dubai. The event was terrifying and left hundreds of laborers jobless with many giving up on their lives due to debt.

The author has kept it so real that you can feel the thrill of the story as if you are experiencing the same. I would love to see this book converted into a film. It will surely become one of the best parallel films of the decade.

What makes this book more interesting and read worthy is the characterization. There are characters from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal but the only difference is that they live together and they share a common story.

Throughout the book, the author has compared India and Dubai without diverting from the main topic. Which is very impressive. Also, the author has used stats & figures to establish the condition of the laborers in Dubai and has beautifully used the festivals and seasons to justify the moving time.

The author has an amazing vocab and the words used in the book is very catchy and rich. The cover of the book is also very creative and beautiful.

Overall, The 365 Days is a combination of love, brotherhood, friendship, humor, action, thrill, fake promises, and reality. I loved it and you will love it too. Order your Book from Amazon today!

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