The 2 Shes Book Review

RATING – 4.5/5

AUTHOR: Abhinav Kaushik



Abhinav Kaushik, a proud management graduate from hallowed halls of BHU (Banaras Hindu University), is an author and a state level swimmer. He hails from Dehradun and is currently based out of Bangalore, serving the IT giant Infosys Technologies as a Senior Associate Consultant. He has a flair for writing and to hone skills, he pursued a course in Novel Writing from the London School of Journalism under the mentorship of their esteemed faculty. He worships the beliefs such as 'Your emotions govern your life' and 'Your body is your temple'. Other than writing and swimming, his interests range from Yoga Pranayam, Meditation and Oration to Mimicry, and stand-up comedy. He has also bagged many awards and accolades in these domains, in various corporate and social gatherings that he had attended. This book is close to Abhinav's own life story and draws inspiration from it. Striking a balance between personal and professional life and his hobby, he is currently working on his second book.


14 February 2009, the first Valentine's Day for Akshay and Neha turned into the worst day of their lives - a day of their indefinite departure. "Akshay, will we ever meet?" Neha asked an innocent question, with quivering lips, to which both had no answer. During the departure, Neha managed to drop a pouch for him escaping the strict surveillance they were undergoing. That pouch became the reason of his survival for the next two years. Two years later, Akshay found a heart-wrenching note in Neha's handwriting in the same place, where their love bloomed and he goes on a journey to reclaim his lost love.


The book has beautifully designed cover with a hint of mystery. It perfectly goes with the title and the story. The title of the book is equally unique and mysterious like the cover. Abhinav Kaushik being a debutant has the ability to win hearts of the book lovers. He has put forth a beautiful life changing the story. I appreciate his creativity which he has inculcated in his story. As a reader, I felt connected to each and every word he wrote. Abhinav's use of language is very appealing, and also the characters are well described. He has amazingly blended the story with deep emotions and tint of mystery at one or the other stage which makes the novel more interesting. To me, the book is simply heart touching and it’s a MUST READ!

Where will his journey lead Akshay to? What soul-shaking fact will he discover? Will their love and prayers bring them together once again? To unfold all the mysteries read the book.

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