Sweet Temptations Book Review

RATING - 4.5/5

POETS: Meena Nair and Bernard D'sa



MEENA NAIR hails from Kerala, has done her schooling from Army Public School, New Delhi and her graduation in English Literature from Delhi University. She is a published poet and has made a place in five poetry anthologies so far. Her first anthology book "The Essence Of Eternal Happiness" was a bestseller, published by Raindrops Company. She writes poem related to love and romance and she believes that love is a mixture of honesty, trust, and understanding and if all these ingredients exist in your relationship then you are in true love. Her favorite poets are Kamala Das, Maya Angelou, and Preeti Shenoy. She has also penned down Hindi lyrics for an upcoming video album which is being composed and sung by famous Indian violinist Shri Bala Bhaskar.

BERNARD DSA hails from Mumbai and has done his studies philosophy, religion, and social sciences, graduated from De Sales University, Allentown USA. He also owns a degree in English Literature. He has been a freelance writer for various magazines and newspapers like Times of India, The Hindu. He regularly writes for magazines such as Renewal Voice, Prison Voice, and philosophical magazines. His first poetry book "Symphonies of Love" published by ‘The Poetry Society of India’ was well appreciated by the critics and Poetry Society of India was well appreciated by the critics and poetry lovers it was the bestseller list at #79. His second poetry book "The Essence of Eternal Happiness" was an anthology of 29 poems written by 29 poets from 6 different countries. This book was on the Amazon bestsellers list at #8. He personifies the saying "Let I be the change I wish to see in the world". He believes in inspiring others to lead a fruitful life. Apart from being a writer, poet & an editor, he is also involved in NGO activities. His latest venture is "Rain Drops Company" where he is emerging as a publisher too.


The cover of the book is perfectly suitable and goes with the title and blurb. The poems are immensely romantic and sensational. Each and every line will make you smile and blush. My favorite poems are ‘Tips and Tricks’ by Meena Nair and ‘Touch’ by Bernard D'sa. I must appreciate the creativity of both the poets, the way they decorated and beautified the love pattern through their warm soul touching poems. The best way to rejoice your soul is to way your time by reading this book. It is a MUST READ for poetry lovers!

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