Super Women Book Review

RATING – 4.5/5

AUTHOR: Prachi Garg


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Prachi Garg is a true blue Mirandian, who is an entrepreneur herself. She co-founded and An alumna of Great Lakes Institute of Management, she is passionate about writing and travelling.


This book brings forth the stories of twenty women entrepreneurs who have struck a perfect personal professional harmony and a chord with their immediate consumers. Superwomen is a journey of how they played all their roles to perfection, aligning their families with their ambitions, showing the world their true mettle.

REVIEW: Superwomen, the name itself depicts the motive behind writing this book. Absolutely, Prachi has beautifully illustrated the journey of 20 women as entrepreneurs. It is great initiative put forth by Prachi Garg in a form of book. The cover page of Superwomen is beautiful and it also perfectly suits the title. Prachi’s research and dedication for publishing the book are visible. Her hard work really paid off. Women as Entrepreneur is not mostly accepted in India but after reading the book any girl will be motivated to build her own empire. It is a complete package of Inspiration, Ideas and Entrepreneur Stories which will boost you and motivate you to break all the walls and achieve what you want. Let’s take a look at these 20 entrepreneurs who are ruling the nation:

1. MEDHAVI GANDHI - She founded Happy Hands ( to revive traditional/folk art and craft with an aim to empower rural artisan and hone potential in women and young people.

2. RIA SHARMA - She founded Make Love Not Scars (, an NGO that works to stop acid attacks and other forms of gender- based violence, along with supporting the survivors.

3. RICHA SINGH - She founded Your D.O.S.T ( provides online counseling and support system to anyone in need through trained individuals.

4. MASOOM MINAWALA - Her passion led to her brain-child Style Fiesta (, an online destination for trendy fashion jewelry and accessories.

5. RACHANA NAGRANEE - She kick started Pitaraa ( with the motto of making Handcrafted Happiness available to one and all in the form of bags and other fashion accessories.

6. RICHA KAR - She founded Zivame (, an online lingerie retailer- with a vision to change the entire convention and experience of lingerie shopping for Indian women.

7. SNEHA RAISONI - She who is fondly known as Tappu, opened her very own shop Tappu Ki Dukaan ( to exhibit objects that are quirky, unique and fun in their appearance and utility.

8. SUNITA JAJU and SWATI MAHESHWARI - They are environment enthusiasts who got together to launch Rustic Art (, a portal creating and selling eco-friendly and organic products of everyday utility.

9. ALICIA SOUZA - She is a born artist and skilled illustrator, with many branded names like Google, Yahoo, Penguin, Cadbury, AOL and others on her list of acquired clients. If you are looking for quirky illustrations for your products, or want some funky merchandise to choose from, she is the woman who can help you at

10. ANISHA SINGH - Starting off as an entrepreneur in the software solutions domain, she founded, an easy way to indulge, save and shop.

11. CHARNITA ARORA - She came up with Perfect Life Spot to turn her dream of overall development of every student into reality. Currently, PLS stands proud as an Institute of language and holistic development. More than merely being an academic substitute, this Delhi based institution is in itself a journey of self-realization for each individual.

12. FALAK RANDERIAN - She is an avid reader herself and her brainchild My Little Chatterbox ( helps to encourage children to develop healthy reading habits. The lending library called The Reading Room offers a section of hand-picked books.

13. GEETIKA CHADHA - She is a certified image management graduate and puts her knowledge and experience as n image consultant to assist and empower individuals and organizations to be their own masterpiece through Imagenie (

14. PANKHURI SHRIVASTAVA - She started GrabHouse ( as an online platform where both landlords and tenants could post their requirements, without any brokerage or fee.

15. RASHI NARANG - Heads Up For Tails ( a loved brainchild of Rashi that arose out of the need to provide essential as well as an exclusive merchandise for pets.

16. SAUMYA VARDHAN - She founded Shubh Puja ( which aims at offering religious and astrological consultancies, helping conduct religious ceremonies and services for all occasions and needs, and services for all occasions and needs, and providing logistical support from scratch to summary.

17. SNEH SHARMA - Ittisa ( is an only-girls digital media agency creating catchy content exemplary designs and doing path-breaking work under founder and CEO Sneh Sharma.

18. Dr. SURBHI MAHAJAN - She was inspired to found Dermatocare ( to offer skin care solutions that are accessible and affordable, and provide free consultancies sitting at home.

19. TINA GARG - She is the founder of Pink Lemonade (, a creative agency specializing in communication, content, and design.

20. VIDHULA KANTIKAR KOTHARE - She is the co-founder of Think Creative Adsolutions Pvt Ltd (, which provides end to end solutions for marketing, advertising, branding, event management, among others.

Overall Superwomen is a must read for all the women’s who want to stand apart from the crowd and do something in their life which is yet to be discovered. Loved it and I would love to read her upcoming works.

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