Spinning Into Oblivion Book Review

RATING - 4.5/5

AUTHOR: Santhosh Gangadharan

PUBLISHER: Partridge


Santhosh Gangadharan is a novelist who was born in Borneo and brought up in India. He resides in Oman. His job takes him around the world. His first novel, Spinning Into Oblivion, explores the regions of the human psyche where lines between dreams and reality blur.

Interweaving modern science and ancient mysticism with rich Middle Eastern history and Sufi culture, his novel is an adventure of the human mind trying to grapple with what is real and what is not, taking the readers on a quest for answers from the deserts of Dubai to the heart of Turkey.


San, the protagonist, is disturbed by strange recurring dreams in which by spinning at high speeds he is able to meet and talk to his dead parents. While at a safari in the dunes of Dubai, he encounters ghostly shapes dancing amidst a Turkish tanoura dancer, Ahmed Mansour.

His acquaintance with Mansour takes him to Konya, where he learns of the teachings of the Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi and the practice of Sufi swirling. Just as he feels he is close to the truth, a beautiful dame, Damla, runs into them, creating more complications.

San learns that the theory of evolution of souls and the magical influence of the great Mevlana of Konya would make one ponder over their own lives. Mahmoud makes him understand that by creating awareness of one's own birthplace, the individual could stay close to his roots and thereby to his heart.

On the advice of Mahmoud, the great old man of Konya, the three of them embark on a trip across Asia to find their roots. The enigma that is Damla and the history of the equatorial wilderness of Borneo unravel in front of them in mysterious ways amidst great danger. The friend's race to solve the mystery of their dreams before their dreams consume them.


Spinning Into Oblivion is full of mystery and you can't even predict what's coming next. The story begins with a bad dream and ends on a totally different note. The author has connected each dots of the story to create a mind-blowing book.

The author has the ability to grasp your mind and keep you hooked till the very end. Neil Armstrong rightly said, "Mystery creates wonder and wonders if the basis of man's desire to understand." When you start reading the book, most of the things will go off your mind. But as you continue reading, the story unfolds its hidden mysteries.

The first half of the book goes very well with little mysterious happenings but the second half thrills you with action and a sudden U-Turn in the story. There are many twists and turns and as you go deeper in the story, it becomes even more mysterious and darker.

What I liked the most about the book was the thrilling end. When you look back at the first page of this book and remember how the story began, you will realize how good was the characterization, drama, and the plot.

The author has mentioned each and every detail so beautifully that you will feel like you are watching a movie. Talking about the movie, I would love it if this book is converted into one with Tom Hanks in the lead role.

The language used throughout the book is also very good and easy to understand. I would like to suggest the author, to add some more spice, thrill, and action to the story.

My another suggestion to the author will be to continue the plot and publish a series of books. I loved the book and would love to read more books by the author very soon. So, go ahead and BUY this Book from Amazon now!


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