"PATIENCE is one of the most important traits a writer must possess" - Shine Syamaladevi


Shine Syamaladevi was born in a small village in Kerala. An avid reader and daydreamer since childhood, he believes passionate dreams really come true. The journeys around the nation on various official appointments added fuel to his passion, eventually resulting in his first book. His dream.


Q. Characterize yourself in one word?


Q. Please describe what the story/book is about in one sentence.

It’s the story of Smita, who had to fight the demons from her past: for her love, for her life.

Q. Briefly, what led up to this book? What were you writing (and getting published, if applicable) before breaking out with this book?

I was not writing anything before this but only dreaming. I was passionate about writing since childhood. And that has resulted in this book, THE RIBBON TRAP.

Q. What was the timeframe for writing this book? Tell us an interesting detail or two, if applicable. For example, did you finish the first draft after one week?

It was a long process, for me, since I was working by day and writing during wee hours. I had completed the first draft in about six months, in July/August 2013. After undertaking a couple of editing and beta reading (by the only beta reader, my wife), I sent query letters to publishers in December 2013. To my surprise, I got a response from LiFi Publications within a week time, requesting for the complete manuscript. And LiFi accepted the book for publishing within a month from sending it to them. However, they had intimated me that I would have to wait for about two years since a number of books were there in the queue already. And I was ready to wait.

Yes, PATIENCE is one of the most important traits a writer must possess.

Another interesting thing was the response I got from one of the leading literary agents from the UK. She rejected the book but wrote me a long email narrating how she had loved the book and reason for rejecting (yes, I didn’t have a “platform”).

It was one of the MANY positive things happened.

Q. Looking back, what did you do right that helped you break in?

Patience, as I have said in the previous question.

I was patient enough to keep the first draft for incubation, for more than a month. Read it and edit it twice again, before approaching publishers.

Q. Did you have a platform in place? On this topic, what are you doing to build a platform and gain readership?

I didn’t have a platform. I didn’t know anything like that existed. I dreamt and just got into writing, without checking what others or the world around are doing.

Of late, I have started blogging (breakingdaice.blogspot.in and https://theshadowsweb.wordpress.com/) and have a website www.shinesyamaladevi.co.in. I am active on social media also and never miss any opportunity to interact with my readers.

Q. Favorite novel?

I am an avid reader and am interested in wide reading. Some books fostered me to become a writer and some satiated my hunger for reading. It included both fiction and non-fiction. To name, a few would be a difficult task for me. Still, I will name a few and will request the youngsters out there to read these books. Consider these the best of the respective genre:

The Godfather, The Alchemist, One Hundred Years of Solitude, Tell Me Your Dreams, Code to Zero, Da Vinci Code, The Kite Runner, The Namesake, Fountainhead, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari….

Q. Something personal about you people may be surprised to know?

My headset will be in place and I will be listening to songs on Youtube while writing (No, I am not interested in downloaded songs). Any problem with the internet connection will affect my mood and I won’t be able to write until the internet connection is restored!

So folks, just get my net connection disconnected if you want me to stop writing :))

Q. What’s next? Presently I am undertaking final editing of my second book. It is also a romantic thriller set in another era. I assure you that the book is entirely different from THE RIBBON TRAP and something you have never read before.

I am planning to approach publishers by the end of August.

Q. Future of SALISMANIA.com through your eyes?

SALISMANIA.com is doing a great job by helping debutantes to reach a wider audience. With such zeal and optimistic attitude, you are going to scale new heights. All the best!