Shimmering Chimes Book Review

RATING – 4/5

AUTHOR: Maya Dev


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Maya Dev is an Indian poetess and an economics graduate from Kerala. Writing poetry is highly cathartic for her. Her wagon wheel of poetry just keeps revolving 360 degrees following nature's protocol and the principle of indiscrimination. She is a word smith wearing a multi feathered cap. Her poems have found a place in several national and international anthologies and journals like Episteme, Criterion, Anthesis, Eternal, Wings, Forever, Change, The Significant Anthology, The Aquillerlle Wall of poems (Book 5), Magnitude-The Awakening of Nepal, The Umbilical Cords. She is also conferred with Faith Centred Poet, Poet of the month, Monthly and Bi Monthly Critic Awards at ICOP: ROLL of Honour at Destiny Poets UK (An International Community of Poets).

ABOUT THE BOOK: Shimmering Chimes is an outcome of dreams that we all dream solemnly and each poem is pebbles collected from the shore of imaginations, experiences, feelings, spirituality, love and almost what all encompasses life. The book is seeking, soothing, symbolizing, synthesizing, singing, shining, shivering, surviving, and synapse between shimmering and chimes.

REVIEW: Shimmering Chimes is book comprising Esoterics of nature in the form of poems full of life. It will have peremptory percussion on your life. The book cover is visionary and beautiful, based on the title and the poems. Maaya is a brilliant poetess for the magic she has in her language. All the poems are equally meaningful and impose the power of sublimating one's heart and soul. Maaya has magically swathed all the surreptitious of nature in the form of her urban poems. It is a MUST READ for all the Poetry lovers. And I wish to read her forthcoming works.

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