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Sherlock & Devdas by Manav Vigg Book Review

Photograph by Salis Afaque



Sherlock & Devdas: two classic characters with different backgrounds combined in an attempt to create a masterpiece.

Sherlock & Devdas by Manav Vigg aimed to take the readers of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes and Sarat Chandra Chatterjee's Bengali romance novel Devdas on a different expedition to show them something that no one ever imagined before.

This collaboration has the potential to touch billion hearts and create its fandom. Both classic characters in the book Sherlock & Devdas by Manav Vigg got justice.

They are relevant to the original fictional characters: Sherlock Holmes & Devdas. If you watch the British drama series Sherlock (featuring Benedict Cumberbatch) and Shah Rukh Khan's Devdas; you will be able to appreciate the authors work in blending the characters and creating something worth acclaim.

With some unexpected twists and turns, this book will leave you satisfied in the end. The idea of combining both stories and inventing something new did wonders in the authors favor.

I will be looking forward to reading the second part of the book Sherlock & Devdas by Manav Vigg and expect it to be even better than the initial book.

A stronger villain, an unforgettable story, and more deaths will take Sherlock & Devdas by Manav Vigg among the stars. Overall, a Must-Read for Sherlock Holmes & Devdas fans.




Manav’s debut novel ‘Confused Bastards’ revolved around the world of start-ups and has received starred reviews from book reviewers & readers alike.

He has been a Fellow at the “Mumbai Mantra CineRise Screenwriting” program and the Event writer for the 45th International Film Festival of India, Goa.

Sherlock & Devdas is his second novel.


PUBLISHER: Authors Up Front

AuthorsUpFront (AUF) intends to help talented people of all age groups and diverse backgrounds in fulfilling their ambition to be authors.

They enable you to publish, sell and buy creative works in book and e-book forms.

PAPERBACK: 324 pages

GENRE: Thrillers & Suspense




The time is now. The occasion was never.

But some coincidences change your life forever!

Sherlock & Devdas were never meant to be together. They belonged to different worlds and nested different conflicts.

Early in his crime-solving career, Sherlock is learning his way with deductions and is on the uphill path to his first big case.

Devdas, on the other hand, is drunk and torn after Paro’s marriage, and is on his downhill path to self-destruction.

But one unexpected event shook their worlds and brought them together.

A heist.

While Sherlock would have loved to prove himself as a detective alone, there are things known only to Devdas about the stolen artifacts.

A modern twist on the legendary characters – Sherlock & Devdas pairs two opposite yet eccentric personalities in an epic adventurous journey.




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