Shakti: The Divine Feminine Book Review

RATING – 4.5/5

AUTHOR: Anuja Chandramouli

PUBLISHER: Rupa Publishers


Anuja Chandramouli graduated from Women's Christian College Chennai and was the college topper in Abnormal Psychology. She also holds a master's degree in English. Currently, she is studying classical dance. Her debut novel, Arjuna: Saga of Pandava Warrior-Prince, was named as one of the top five books in the Indian Writing category by Amazon India in 2013. She is also the author of bestselling novel Kamadeva: The God of Desire. Anuja is the mother of two little girls and lives in Sivakasi.


Love yourself in Maya, the divine name of the Goddess!

She is the Mother Goddess, Mahamaya-the enchantress, the supreme consciousness, the pure source from which all creation emerges and to whom all must eventually return. As Usas, the enchanting Goddess of the dawn, she is loved passionately and hated fiercely, leading to a horrific tragedy. As Durga, the invincible warrior she defeats the savage Mahishasura, whom none of the male gods could vanquish. As Kali, the fearsome dark goddess, she delights chaos. Yet she is also Shakti, beloved of all, who, when united with Shiva, restores balance with Universe.

In this captivating narrative, explore the contrasting facets of the sacred feminine; experience her awesome power, forged in the flames of love and hate; and which teach the male dominated pantheon a lesson in comparison. Witty, engaging and thought-provoking Shakti: The Divine Feminine will force you to re-evaluate

everything they know about gods and goddess.


SHAKTI: The Divine Feminine has an amazing power to captivate the heart and mind of all the readers and make them fall in love with it. Anuja has interestingly portrayed a character named Shakti which as Durga, the invincible warrior plays a very crucial role in defeating Maheshasura, whom none of the male gods could vanquish. Keeping in mind the title and blurb, cover of the book is perfectly designed with a beautiful picture of a woman.

As Kali, the fear some dark goddess, she delighted chaos. Anuja beautifully justifies a true feminine power, depicting through her book that a woman can be so fearless, ferocious, powerful, loving and delicate equally at a same time. Every girl after reading this story will be bound in Anuja's spell to embrace the Shakti within. The book and its characters are perpetual. No doubt this book has immense power to generate a perk within the soul of the ones who are lost in obscure of life. For there is nothing so sinister which could hinder the paths of a female. Hat’s off to Anuja for this splendid novel. It is a MUST READ for each and every woman looking for some inspiration.

All the best for your book Anuja, I would love to read your works in future

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