Say Goodbye To Bad Hair Days!

How have you been managing your hair this winter? I know it’s almost impossible to style your dry fizzy and flat hair in this cold weather. Every year I used to suffer from this problem and those flat hairs used to make me wash them frequently, which unfortunately results in a heap of hair fall every time.

Well, we all have gone by the same road every winter in our life. But you don't need that road anymore because I have found a very good solution to this problem. It's Batiste Dry Shampoo!

You must have used many dry shampoo brands but this one brand is the best of all. Batiste is UK’s number one hair styling dry shampoo brand. They provide a range of products for use between washes when you need a quick fix, but still want your hair to look amazing. Whatever your hair style, type or colour, they have the product for you. The products in their Fragrance range contain amazing fragrances for hair that smells as great as it looks.

So Batiste India happened to send me two of their products this season, and not to lie they are my best-used hair products till date:

• Batiste Divine Dark, dry shampoo plus with a hint ofcolour.

• Batiste Fruity and Cheeky Cherry, dry shampoo.

After using the dry shampoo from Batiste I am really feeling lucky. It helps me to fight the bad hair day and shine my hair in style. Whenever I have to style my hair for going out I just spray Batiste's dry shampoo and my hair feels ready to go.

My hair is voluminous, wavy as well as of dark brown colour. So, Batiste Divine Dark is my favourite one for any special outing day. It gives extra volume to my hair with the tint of brown colour and additional texture. Thus I can style them the way I want.

On the other hand, when I am out for shopping or casual chilling then I prefer using Batiste Fruity and Cheeky Cherry Dry Shampoo. It refreshes my hair instantly and saves my time. My hair days are always good now with these two handy products. They made my hair smell wonderful and shine all day long.