"I kept thinking about my story during my morning walks and evening strolls" - Santhosh Ga


Santhosh Gangadharan is a novelist who was born in Borneo and brought up in India. He resides in Oman. His job takes him around the world. His first novel, Spinning Into Oblivion, explores the regions of the human psyche where lines between dreams and reality blur.

Interweaving modern science and ancient mysticism with rich Middle Eastern history and Sufi culture, his novel is an adventure of the human mind trying to grapple with what is real and what is not, taking the readers on a quest for answers from the deserts of Dubai to the heart of Turkey.


Q. Characterize yourself in one word?


Q. Please describe what the story/book is about in one sentence.

Pursuing your dreams before they start pursuing you.

Q. Briefly, what led up to this book? What were you writing (and getting published, if applicable) before breaking out with this book?

I used to write plays for children and some short stories. After my parents passed away, I started getting recurring dreams in which I was able to talk to them by spinning at high speeds. This sparked the idea for the novel. And so I pursued my dreams to make it into a novel.

Q. What has been your biggest achievement?

In the literary field, publishing my first novel “Spinning into Oblivion”.

Q. Looking back, what did you do right that helped you break in?

I had the perseverance to keep writing my first novel in spite of several writer’s blocks, breaking the blocks through discussions with my wife and children. I kept thinking about my story during my morning walks and evening strolls that helped me in getting ideas on how to proceed further.

Q. Did you have a platform in place? On this topic, what are you doing to build a platform and gain readership?

I have my Facebook page and Whatsapp groups where I share news and views related to my writing.

Q. Favourite novel?

‘Dracula’ by Bram Stoker. From childhood, this novel had fascinated me a lot. I had read it many times. The presentation of the story by the author is very realistic and makes you believe in what he has written.

Q. Something personal about you people may be surprised to know?

Most of my friends and relatives were surprised when my first novel got published. Otherwise, character-wise I had been open to all. No surprises.

Q. What’s next?

That’s exactly what’s next! My second novel, “What Next?”, has just been published by Frog Books, an imprint of Leadstart Publishing and it is available at Amazon and Flipkart web stores. It should soon be available at Crosswords bookshops in India. While Spinning into Oblivion deals with the evolution of souls, What Next? takes on my theory of the voyage of souls. The novel is set in the 16th century Oman and southern India during the time the Portuguese started their imperialist conquests in the region on the pretext of trade.

Q. Future of SALISMANIA.com through your eyes?

A platform where aspiring novelists get exposure is definitely going to gain momentum. It is a step in the right direction for the literary world. Let the laurels be shared with the unknown prodigies as well.