Ready... Steady... Exit Book Review

RATING - 4/5

AUTHOR: P C Balasubramanian

PUBLISHER: Srishti Publishers


P C Balasubramanian is a Chartered Accountant by qualification and an author by accident. As one of the promoters and directors of Matrix Business Services India Pvt. Ltd, he established his career outside the finance and accounting profession. An ardent admirer of the phenomenon Rajnikanth, Bala has to his credit two best sellers Rajini's Punchtantra and Grand Brand Rajini. This is his first fiction, an experiment, and he loves to experiment just like he did with his career.


Gautam completed Chartered Accountancy after several attempts, and to his luck, landed up with Anand - a close friend and brilliant CA - to launch an Accounting Services company named FAB. He finds love in the same profession, without much ado.

Can life really be that simple and straightforward? Can mere accountants build a valuable, visible, scalable and glamorous enterprise that could also grab business from across borders?

That's when Vimal comes in with a delectable package - an impressive consulting profile and his smart and very beautiful sister Ruchi, who agrees to support these starry-eyed entrepreneurs with her marketing acumen. FAB grows but relationships deplete. Some pull the strings, while others become puppets.

Should they continue with the current arrangement or exit completely?


Ready... Steady... Exit is an amazing book if you have an interest in Business. The book is all about two Entrepreneurs who plan, build and exit in a fashionable way. Talking about the story, it was realistic and balanced with some humor and romance. It moves in a parallel manner and you can expect some Twists and Turns throughout the book.

Since it is the first attempt in Fiction for the author, I think he did a great job. Being an Entrepreneur, I can relate myself to the situations faced by the protagonists Gautam and Anand in the story.

What I loved the most about the book was the strategic part where both Gautam and Anand plan and implement their strategies. It was very interesting and the ending of the story was totally unexpected. What I also loved was how the author has explained each situation by adding a brand's name, it makes it easy for you to relate to the level and protagonists.

On the other hand, I think the dark moment was missing and some more thrilling action could have spiced up the story. But overall, I really loved the book and would surely like to read more Fiction in future from the author. Go ahead and buy it if you have interested in both fiction and business just like me.

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