Rankshetram Part - 1 Book Review

RATING - 4/5

AUTHOR: Utkarsh Srivastava

PUBLISHER: Notion Press


It is said that after the banishment of Lord Mahabli to Patallok, and the demise of the Demon king Ravana by Lord Rama. The Asuras lost their domination over humans. But it was unbearable for the Demon's mentor Bhairavnath. When he noticed that a capable scion of King Bali, has taken over the throne as the Demon king, Bhairavnath played such a machinations due to which the Demon King Markesh turned against the entire human race. Thereafter, four fierce warriors - Akhand, Tajasvi, Suryam, and Yugandhar - took over the responsibility to destroy him. The spirit of vengeance was present equally in both Tejasvi and Markesh. Markesh wanted to avenge his wife's death, who was actually a human lady. And Tejasvi's weapons were eager to blow off Markesh's head to avenge his close ones. These flames of vengeance lead to the five days war among humans, demons, and nagas.


Rankshetram Part - 1 is full of bloodshed, revenge, and sacrifice along with amazing war strategies. The story is narrated in the time period of Hindu mythology when our country was known as Aaryavart.

The author has explained about every major character in the book in the beginning itself which will help you understand the story in an easy way. Talking about the characters, there are many in the book and you are surely going to experience many twists and turns throughout the end.

What I liked the most about the book was the flow of the story. Each and every scene and character of the story was related to each other which adds thrill to the story. The author has left many unanswered questions in the end as this book is the first part of the Rankshetram Series.

The negative part of the book is that there are many grammatical errors in the English version of the book, but you can still opt for the Hindi version of the same book which should surely increase the thrill.

Overall, Rankshetram Part - 1 is very interesting and you are surely going to love it if you like reading stories based on Hindu mythology. I would like to wish the author for his upcoming parts of the Rankshetram Series and I would surely love to read them too.

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