Rafflesia Book Review

RATING - 4.5/5

AUTHOR: Gautam

PUBLISHER: Leadstartcorp


PRICE: Rs 395


A B-School graduate, Gautam is a business analyst by profession. Considers the laptop among his best friends and nurses a secret desire to turn an entrepreneur someday.


The curtains draw up. The lights are dimmed. The musical is about to begin. As the beautiful princess descends on stage, the mythical creatures from her kingdom come alive.

Flickers of brilliant colors blaze across as mesmerizing music pulsates from one corner of theatre to the other. A fairy tale is about to unfold...

As young children, we often come across things that stay in our hearts forever. For Appu, it is a fairy tale about a beautiful princess.

He lives with her in a world filled with the magical creatures from her kingdom until the real world beckons. A reluctant Appu steps into it as striking a young man and struggles to find his place.

What follows is an evocative tale of love and loss, friendship, and betrayal, as the story travels through the snow-peaked mountains of Arunachal to the golden deserts of Jaisalmer, the tulip gardens of Holland to the lush greens of Kerala.

Does Appu find what he set out for? The answer lies in Rafflesia-The banished princess... because in her story, lay his!


Raflessia the banished princess is a remarkable and out of the box book written by Gautam. It has a totally new concept which shows the real world through the lens of mysteries and fairy tales.

Starting with the plot, I think it is fresh and very creative. The idea of writing something both classical and contemporary at the same time is what won my heart.

Gautam is no doubt blessed with good imagination skills.

Talking about the characters, there are many but not to forget that each and every character that comes and goes in this book holds very strong contribution and essence in the making of this ultimate masterpiece.

I was really impressed by the ability of the author to include so many characters with such strong agenda and message to the story.

The author's way of writing is attractive which reveals his rich vocabulary and a great sense of grammar. I was amazed by the simplicity as well as a certain new level of writing his words has.

Also, one thing that I liked the most about this book is the in-depth description of everything. Be it living or non-living, the author has beautifully described them all.

The book cover is very vintage and it perfectly suits the title and the blurb. The book is very thick and is undoubtedly a yes yes to invest in.

You will love it if you love reading the books which don't get finished in one go and rather lasts up to several evenings.

Overall I loved the book and found it very unique and meaningful. I would love to dedicate more such evenings reading Gautam's future works.

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