Protect Your Skin & Hair With These Eco-Friendly Products

Festival of colors Holi is here and you must be ready with your color bombs and guns to join the fun. But, when the Holi is over the bad skin and hair days begins. You must have tried all the remedies to keep your skin and hair glowing after every Holi but may have failed to do so.

But this year, take a pledge to keep your skin and hair glowing even after draining yourself in the festival of colors Holi with Jas Naturals!

Jas Naturals is an online store for health and beauty products. They provide you with 100% Prime Natural and Vegan Cosmetics, Beauty Care, Bath Care, Hand Crafts and Snacks curated for your benefits and the nature in the best eco-friendly way possible.

I received 6 amazing products from Jas Naturals recently which I have been using continuously since last month and I believe it is one of the best brands that I have ever used. So, let's begin the review:

1. Green Bliss Aloe Facial Scrub

The first product in my list is Green Bliss Aloe Facial Scrub. It is a gel form scrub which I use to remove the dirt from my skin just after getting back home from outside. It really works amazingly and my skin starts glowing just after watching my face using this scrub. You can take a little amount of scrub on your palm and gently scrub off the dead skins of your face and neck just after returning home after playing Holi. I use it on a daily basis for best results. You should use it too!

2. Green Bliss Aloe Toner

The second product in my list is Green Bliss Aloe Toner. It is made with 100% natural extracts of aloe vera and contains miraculous benefits for your skin. I apply a little amount of Toner on a piece of cotton and wipe my face gently. It deep cleanses and provides that instant glow to your skin. You can use it just after using the Green Bliss Aloe Srub for better results.

3. Mushroom Soap

The third product in my list is Mushroom Soap. It lightens your skin, clears darkened and pigmented spots and gives you a healthy and fair looking skin. I use it while taking a quick shower and sometimes I use it to wash my face in the morning and evening. You can use it as a facial soap as well as a body soap. I personally like to use it as both and it works amazing.

4. Bekind Kasturi Manjal

The fourth product in my list is Bekind Kasturi Manjal. It is basically in the form of the powder and helps you keep your skin acne and pimples free. It is a natural antiseptic and a natural cleanser which gives a natural glow to the skin. It also helps you remove the facial hair naturally. I mix 1 tablespoon Bekind Kasturi Manjal powder with 2-3 tablespoon milk and apply it as a face mask. When the face pack is dry, rub it off gently starting from the chin towards the forehead. You can even use it as bath powder also and see the results.

5. Green Bliss Haircare Serum

The fifth product in my list is Green Bliss Haircare Serum. Now, this is a really wonderful hair serum which provides strength to your hair and prevents them from damage. I massage it on my scalp before taking a shower. If you have dry hair, then you can dilute it with coconut oil for better results. But if you have normal or oily hair, then do not use it with oil. You can use it both ways and go ahead with the one which suits you best.

6. Bekind Shikakai Powder

The sixth product in my list is Bekind Shikakai Powder. I grew up using Shikakai as my mother is very passionate about using it. But, Bekind Shikakai Powder is something different. It is the upgraded version of the normal Shikakai which I have been using since my childhood. Bekind Shikakai Powder is an excellent hair vitalizer, it makes your hair grow longer, thicker and stronger. It also moisturizes and keeps your hair shiny. You can definitely achieve your hair goals through this wonderful product even after getting drenched in the Holi colors. I like to apply it twice a month for best results.

Now that you are all set to recharge your skin and hair even after getting drenched in Holi colors, what are you waiting for? Go and enjoy Holi but before that order these amazing products from Jas Naturals today! Use promo code SHAFA at checkout for 10% OFF

"Bura na mano Holi hai!"

Happy Holi everyone! :D

Quick Facts about Jas Naturals Products:

1. They are 100% natural and vegan

2. They are budget friendly and long lasting

3. They are GIMP certified

4. They are handmade with absolute love and care