Poem - I Am Beautiful

Sun opens his innings, On the crease of Dong. Gods make their tea, In the vessel of Brahmaputra.

Earth takes its shower, In the land of Sohra. Krishna dances his heart out, In the beats of Jagoi.

The Nymphs of heaven dances, In the palace of Ujjayanta. The great Temsula writes, Under the cover of the chirping hornbill.

Jesus sings in the beats, Of the melodic khuang. Indra comes down, for a meal in Drenjong.

I am North-East, And, I am beautiful....

I am the place, where seven sisters, Tie Rakhi, in the hand of one.

I am the place, Where all of my children, Come together and sing, We are the eight, united!

I am the place, Where Christ celebrates Ramzaan, Mohammed dances in Navaratri, And, Ram lights up the candle.

I am the eighth wonder of the world, And, I am beautiful....

I am the place, Where you come as a tourist, Live as a friend, And Go, making a family.

I am the place, Where after marriage, Man takes his woman home And, Woman takes her man home.

I am the place, Waiting, To offer you merriment, To Spread love in your heart, And, To make you mine.

I am beautiful, And, I know it!

I am the sun of the night, Come and explore my light..... NOTE: This poem is nominated for SALISMANIA.com Best Poem of the Year Award 2017.


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