Poem - A Memory Etched In Stone

The sunset the golden-green rays the red warmth calmed my heart It glowed like a pearl talked to me in a silent voice it told me some stories The stone told me a story

It had been a child once of purple turquoise like skin casting a glow like feathers of a peacock-inky blue, cherry maroon, watery green, crisp golden and silvery ray It whispered some secrets some long-lost tales It spoke of beauty It spoke of love a young girl who had giggled here with her friends a handsome boy who had held his girlfriend and planted kisses on her cheek

It spoke to me of sadness It spoke to me of tears Someone had uprooted a scarlet rose bush The sky cried. it poured its sorrow in a large flood of blue and white the grey sky's grief turned it's smooth purple turquoise to a mourning black

It spoke of happiness It spoke of dreams The sun had shone glorious and fiery Titillating and scary orange blossoms rose out of its cracks its crevices had sheltered a life

A world was being woven The black shining onyx-like skin Had felt the touch of a promise A hidden promise which was stored in its depth Now lost forever because the lovers who lay there never woke up from their dreamy heaven

It spoke of longing It spoke of forgetfulness The baby had longed to scoop the green water to catch the silvery rays the mother had longed for safety-the safety which it's chalky exterior provided to her safety which she never felt at home, security which eluded her

It started losing its companions One by one Those who spoke to it, listened to it, sat on it Had gone The old white-bearded gentleman with his ambling pace had been forgotten in a fast moving world left behind, he had withered away Never to be found again

It spoke to me for the final time the dawn like grey stone told me that it was tired it wanted to rest its cracky bloody veins wanted peace so, it was time for me to leave

I wanted to visit it again bid it a final farewell, but never could

For him, I was a memory A MEMORY ETCHED IN STONE... NOTE: This poem is nominated for SALISMANIA.com Best Poem of the Year Award 2017.


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