Panther Book Review

RATING – 4/5

AUTHOR: Chimmi Tenduf-La

PUBLISHER: Harper Collins

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Half English, half Tibetan, Chimmi Tenduf-La grew up in Hong Kong, London, New Delhi and Colombo. He now lives in Colombo with his wife Samantha and his daughter Tara. He has written plays and fiction for local publications. His first book, The Amazing Racist, was published in 2015.

ABOUT THE BOOK: Being accepted into an elite international school on a cricket scholarship doesn’t mean your life is going to change. Except it does, because hunky Indika – I for Indika, I for Incredible – takes you under his wing, drags you to posh restaurants and shows you pictures from glossy magazines of women who… well, never mind, that’s not the point. The point is: if your best friend snogs your girlfriend, can he still be Incredible? Was he ever? But don’t sweat the small stuff. There are cricket matches to win, examinations to pass, a horrifying past to forget, a sinister schoolmaster to avoid… and, of course, a first kiss to finally experience. Prabu’s life is never going to be the same again. Funny, diamond-sharp and unapologetic, Panther is a novel about that familiar, fractured passage to adulthood that can make us magnificent if it does not kill us.

REVIEW: Panther is about love, war, hate, sacrifice, friendship, and cricket. Chimmi Tenduf-La’s creativity of presenting the entire story is really amazing. Panther is very new, fresh and attractive. The style of writing is different and catchy. The plot of the story is unpredictable. A story of a boy, a panther is going to experience many twists and turns in his life. A best friend who will snog your girlfriend. An exam that you must pass. A revenge that you are forced to take.

Panther is full of twists and turns. You cannot predict what’s coming next. A book like Panther needs exposure and appreciation. The story based in Sri Lanka follows the war between the tribes. There is war, hatred, sacrifices which work as the chilli to the story. But that’s not everything, you are ready for experiencing sweet love, kiss, friendship, school life, and cricket.

Panther will play with your mind and heart. Will Prabu sacrifice his life for revenge? Will he leave his friend for love? Will he survive till the very end? Panther is new and you will love it. It’s a MUST READ!

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