Origins Arrkaya 1 Book Review

RATING - 4.5/5


AUTHOR: Yashas Mahajan

PUBLISHER: Leadstart

PAGES: 377

PRICE: Rs 395

ISBN: 978-93-52016-09-9


Yashas Mahajan was born in 1993, in Nagpur. After procrastinating for almost a decade and spending much of his adolescence in the quest of a degree in Engineering, he has finally decided to pursue his dream of being a writer.

Yashas lives in Nagpur with his parents, and can often be spotted either roaming around the city on his Activa or sitting in a cafe, staring at the screen of his iPad.


An ominous cloud prevails over the continent of Nyvarda, as a concealed enemy, with most political leaders already under his thumb, and a sinister army of monsters under his command threatens to destroy Arrkaya and the precarious balance between the existing powers.

A group of young heroes, hailing from different kingdoms and classes, come together to prepare against this formidable threat, whilst safeguarding the interests of their people and fighting the mistrust among themselves.

On this journey of self-discovery, they find secrets that will change their lives, and possibly change the entire world.

Time, however, is running out, and the enemy is ready to strike.


"Edward! Raise your guard! Focus! FOCUS!" shouted Scar. "Move faster, Edward! Light on your feet! COME ON!" he continued.

Origins: Arrkaya is MINDBLOWING! It is full of action, drama, love, friendship, and thrill. The book is based on the times of Kingdoms and Kings and I think the author has delivered an amazing thriller with a mixture of humor, bloodshed and mind games.

The plot of the book is very unique and when I started reading the book, it looked as if it's just another book but just after a dozen of pages the entire scenario is changed. The author has used the idea of switching scenes very frequently and I really loved it.

On the other hand, the author has used multiple characters and multiple locations but the characterization is so good that you can't miss out any minute detail. Talking about the detail, I would have to agree that it is one of the most detailed books I have ever read.

The book is full of mysteries which are revealed in the end, but the author has not yet revealed some major mysteries which I think will be revealed in the second part of the book. The language used by the author is really amazing but a good proofreading could have done wonders. Apart from the story, the cover of the book is also beautiful and perfectly suits the plot.

Also, I think it is one of the best "About the Author" I have ever read. I would surely love to meet the author someday. Very attractive and true!

Overall, I think Origins: Arrkaya is an amazing read if you like action, drama, and thrill. I would like to recommend this book to everyone. So go ahead and buy this book from Amazon now!

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