"Being an honest person, believing in karma and standing up for my rights helped me break in&qu


Nisha Mehta believes in making things happen and specializes in looking for solutions for any problem based on the individual, their persona, query, stars and the cards they pull out.

She does not generalize and understands that every person is unique in themselves, hence her solutions are not standardized but tailor-made to suit the individual to get the best possible results from them. She believes that if there is a problem, there has to be a solution to resolve it.


Q. Characterize yourself in one word?


Q. Please describe what the story/book is about in one sentence.

My books are self-help books with a lot of tips for Zodiacs, color therapy, chakra healing including yearly predictions for 2017!

Q. Briefly, what led up to this book? What were you writing (and getting published, if applicable) before breaking out with this book?

Boredom! And a will to do extend my experience! As Tarot Reader, this book complements my profession! A lot of people had approached me to learn Tarot! It made sense to come out with my book!

I have always written for magazines and newspapers, including some online sites before the publishing of my book!

Q. What has been your biggest achievement?

Being successful in all that I have undertaken! My ability to help people professionally, bring them out of their troubles and making them strong enough to confront situations!

Q. Looking back, what did you do right that helped you break in?

Being an honest person, believing in karma and standing up for my rights along with working for the needy and helping with charity! My prayers have helped me to stay strong, even in the face of adversity!

Q. Did you have a platform in place? On this topic, what are you doing to build a platform and gain readership?

No platform! I am taking it as it comes! One step at a time! Building contacts and connecting with people online!

Q. Favorite novel?

I remember reading The Enchanted Tree by Enid Blyton. The thrills it brought to me then, as a child, cannot be forgotten! I love the magic!

Q. Something personal about you people may be surprised to know?

Some things need to be a suspense! Let those important enough connect with me to know me personally!

Q. What’s next?

Moving on full swing and getting back to reading Tarot and building my clientele! That will happen once I am done with the publicity of my books! And who knows, some day, some publishing house might even sign me to work on their books on predictions?

Q. Future of SALISMANIA.com through your eyes?

Hard work always pays off eventually! You guys are doing a good job! Unlimited success will kiss your feet!